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Maybe some of you can relate to this.

Ever been so madly in love with someone that you overlook their faults and even hold onto hope that some of their quirks will go away in time?

Ever been in love with someone who constantly does damage to themselves and you are left feeling responsible to clean up the mess and protect them from the consequences?

It is an ongoing struggle and strain on your emotions when you care deeply about someone who regularly puts you into moral dilemmas and drastically changes personalities between being sober and not.

When you are deeply in love with someone you naturally want to help and protect them. You want to be the person they come to. And what you fear most is giving up on them.

In many of my blogs I like to provide answers to things I have learned on my way through life, but this is one area in my life that I haven’t figured out. I have just asked myself questions like: am I making the problem worse? Can I spend the rest of my life like this? Does she even understand how difficult this is on me?

There was a line once in Sons of Anarchy, when Jax asked his girlfriend if she loved him, her answer was “I’d stop if I could.”  That is how I feel every day. Sometimes I feel like it is me who needs the help.

Please feel free to leave your experiences and thoughts below. Maybe we can help each other.


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