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I’ve seen a bunch of articles popping up today citing a study from Birzeit University that suggests fizzy/sparkly/carbonated water can lead to fat gain…

The reasoning is that they feel it leads to a release in ghrelin – the hunger hormone.

Now there are a few details that I think are important to note here…

According to the information provided They tested both diet sodas and carbonated water on rats and found they ate more than the taking non-carbonated drinks.

What this information seems to leave out is the minor detail of artificial sweeteners… sucralose and aspertame do a lot of nasty business to your body and are obviously in abundance in the diet sodas, but how about the fizzy “water”? Just look on the labels at a grocery store and you’ll notice that the vast majority have some form of artificial sweeteners.

I know this is purely anecdotal, but when I drink a carbonated drink I don’t feel hungry but rather I feel full. I also tend to get sparkling water sweetened only from natural sources.

So from what I can tell – and I stand to be corrected – this study was greatly flawed from the outset. That being said I would certainly avoid artificial sweeteners and sugary sodas.


I just finished a 6-week program focussing on shoulders and back and I have to say the results are pretty impressive. Here’s the video describing the program:


I did a 4-day split:

Delts & back (heavy)

Chest & biceps

Delts & back (high reps)

Legs & triceps

Every fourth week was a deload week where I would only do one delt/back day.

Chicken/rice/broccoli was a staple meal. 

Avoided saturated fat.

Always had a banana and then whey + greens post workout

Supplement with betaine – 1.25g pre-wo and 1.25g post wo

I just read an article about a 25-year-old moron who decided to shoot up with Coconut oil… I’ll be honest, this was the first time I’d heard of this. I figured it was trying to achieve a similar effect to what synthol does and just ballooning up your muscles, but apparently the prodigies behind this foolishness have way more in mind.

Apparently he thought that this would spike insulin, boost testosterone, increase muscle volume and improve protein synthesis.

Now I’ve never been sold on coconut oil and all the claims seem too outlandish for me, but this is completely nuts. In the end, instead of the results he wanted, he was hospitalized, had seizures, muscle cysts, raised blood pressure and estrogen.

To be honest I’m skeptical if this is true, but people do go to moronic lengths when it comes to trying to get big.

The way the articles are written it sounds like the bonehead was doing a pretty stupid training program to begin with so if there is truth to this I suggest the guy has already snorted some other “superfood” to kill off the majority of his brain cells.

When to “cheat”

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Cheat meals are a part of life wen dieting, and when in a state of depletion we can rationalize cheating and go overboard. 

My new method of helping with this issue is this: only have a cheat meal after cardio.

This serves a few functions. First of all it puts your body in a state where is is more likely to make good use of whatever you stick in your face.

More importantly it puts you in a good mindset where you are less likely to Bing because you have just put in that much effort.

Hopefully this little tip serves you well too 🙂

I woke up a few weeks ago with an aching shoulder that has been getting progressively more painful. 

It is extremely frustrating to be helps back by physical limitations. On one hand I know I can’t push it too hard but I hate the idea of sitting around waiting to heal. This is why I determined to try to figure out a way to use this to my advantage.

The annoying this with shoulder (and elbow) injuries is that pretty much all upper body exercises use them. 

Pain killers aren’t really an option because they only mask the pain and will more likely make matters worse.

Aside from being extremely limited in my physical training I also have to be very careful about what I eat since my activity level is lower and yet my recovery needs are greater. It feels weird to have to diet when I can’t exercise like usual.

I have increased my cardio though, which will hopefully keep my mindset on target and help me to avoid getting fat.

As much as I was hesitant to see a physiotherapist the pain got to the point where I had no choice. My reason to be hesitant is mainly from bad previous experience, and unfortunately physio is one of those fields where being good at your job can mean losing clients.

So how am I going to try to use this injury to my advantage? 

First of all I’m going to be taking a break from heavy weights (of course) and spending more time in the gym focussed on flexibility.

I will also be giving my legs more attention in the gym which. They are not necessarily an area of weakness, but who doesn’t like a nice butt?

One thing I’ve found is that rehabbing a shoulder does not mean completely leaving it alone, but working on decreasing inflammation while gently strengthening the joint. My goal is to come out of this even better than before I got hurt!


SuperHero Physique
superhero_physique by Shawn Buffington

S.O.A. – a hilarious new web series

I’ve been away from the keyboard at least when it comes to this blog for a few months, but I’ve been keeping busy.

One of my goals rece3ntly has been to try to balance my physical exercise and diet with the rest of my life without it consuming me.

This was important to me as a guy who has several interests as well as being a father to two beautiful kids, a boyfriend to an amazing lady and a fulltime employee for an awesome company.

My struggle with this has been an ongoing one for years. When I dive in with both feet to a diet and training program it has traditionally meant spending most of my waking hours either exercising, cooking, eating or sleeping. Yet when I’ve slacked off on any one of those things I’ve come out with sub-par results.

For me the solution came in the form of structuring a schedule to live by. I neglected to add in time to write this blog, but that is something I will be correcting very soon.

That also means my blog will soon be expanding beyond a primarily physical exercise and diet based blog and will cover a span of topics which will hopefully interest and entertain you 🙂

Thank you to all of my followers, and everyone who has taken the time to comment on my posts. You guys rock!


I could have probably made this a one word post.

If you ask yourself “why” you want to achieve something everything else will fall into place.