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I’m going to overlap some ideas I wrote here but today’s pondering is more geared at fat loss than muscle gain.

Getting into the kind of shape that wins admiration is extremely difficult and extremely frustrating at times, especially when we see 18 year old models popping up on our social media daily who look stunning.

Like success in any field I believe that fitness goals begin internally, and to be successful I believe that we need to accept and implement that, the older we get the more true it becomes.

Step 1: Find your WHAT

This is what you would call your “goal”. Let’s be honest here – you already know – at least to some extent what you want to achieve. So take this desire and firm it up, give yourself parameters such as specific targets to reach by a specific date.

Step 2: find your WHY

This is a miracle tool, In fact if anything in the fitness industry deserves the word “secret” it is this oft overlooked process.

Decide WHY you need to achieve your “what”.

There are a few reasons this is important. First and foremost it validates and strengthens your goal to a new level. But perhaps even more important is that it aligns your goals with your personal values… this allows you to reach your goal WITH INTEGRITY.

Step 3: find your HOW

Now it’s time to get to the nuts and bolts of your goals. Use all the information and experience at your disposal!

Deciding how you will achieve your goal is the one part that is fluid within this framework because you might find that a certain method is less effective than another, and that’s all part of the learning process.

Personally I’ve found doing this three step process to be not only effective but extremely fulfilling!

When I saw this new ebook listed on Kai’s page I was intrigued, certainly enough to drop the ten bucks to find out what it was. My expectation was that it was a recomp type program or possibly shredding program, so now I will break it down for you to set your expectations in check.

The book is broken into 3 parts: Secrets of the beast, the beast’s diet and footsteps of the beast.

Before getting into specifics I should mention that this was my first experience reading one of Kai’s ebooks, and I must admit that the writing style is… unique.

The section called “secrets of the beast” can basically be summed up like this: eat nutrient-rich foods with a caloric deficit to burn fat. So calling it “secrets” is kind of odd.

The second section, diet of the beast, basically goes into a little more depth of the previous section, telling you how to determine caloric needs and suggesting calorie/macro breakdowns. It’s very brief, about two pages long.

The final section is a workout routine which is high volume, broken up into two three-week blocks.

Final verdict: save your ten bucks and buy some creatine.

Every time I cut I find new challenges… this time is no different and it took my friend Nate pointing out some ideas that helped me re-calibrate my plan.

My struggle is primarily that I’m losing weight but my belly fat looks worse than ever. So the plan of attack is to focus on adrenal repair via cutting out caffeine and adaptogens as well as trying to reduce my stress in a few ways including having a little food in my stomach pre-workout.

As far as training, my approach has been to do a method I’ve not done for years which is full-body training, 3 days a week with cardio days in between. The idea with this is to model my training after Steve Reeves, who built a ridiculous body before steroids were as prevalent as they are now. The big difference is that I’m supper-setting movements to increase the metabolic effect.