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I’ve updated my original review of Hypertrophy Max with a video review:

All feedback is appreciated, either here, on the video or on the original article.


As always I am offering the kind of no-BS review that you don’t see a lot of. Most “reviews” are simply marketing scams… even the ones that say “scam” or “don’t buy this before…” etc. All sneaky ways to lure people in. 

Anyone who has read my blog knows I have had a series of bad experiences with Vince Del Monte that have gotten to the point of legal proceedings. So the safe money would be on betting that I’m going to steer you away from it.

Well, I’m actually going to give Vinny the same treatment I give everyone who releases a fitness product: give him the benefit of the doubt and a fair review.

What it is: there are several “seasons” of Live Large TV which have a bunch of episodes within, so if you sign up for the first time you get access to the back catalogue, which will be quite a lot of content. The content itself includes such things as Vince in the gym teaching a new routine or movement that he learned from one of his associates, questions answered about food and supplements etc, lecture-style videos that cover everything from mental programming to steroids, and then other little “filler” videos like his father talking about random “motivational” things.

So the bottom line is that if you respect Vince and want to hear second-hand information and ideas he has come across, this is actually a good purchase. Especially if you just sign on temporarily to access the full content then cancel for a while.

However if Vince’s face or voice or hair or jewelry bother you, or you simply have no respect for him (whether it was lost or simply not yet earned) you will be wasting your money because everything he says will be tainted.

If that is the latter is case but you still want access to these ideas, a good starting point would be looking into Charles Poliquin’s books and blogs as this is where a lot of Vince’s “knowledge” has come from. He also tends to read a lot of marketing and self-help books of which there are a zillion, but look into Brian Tracy to begin with and you’ll be off to a good start.

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SOA – a new Animated webseries

Worry not dear readers, if that Del Monte slimeball gives me further reason to banter about him I will gladly take the opportunity.

The reason for this post is basically to close out the whole saga I had with Vince Del Monte since the articles on him seem to be some of my more popular as a lot of people seem to have been scammed by him in one way or another.

Since writing my first article about being scammed by Vince, he has changed his company name at least twice as well as the registered address. Funny enough is was only due to a nasty comment I got in this article that I then dug deeper and saw he actually now only has his newly named company “located” in Barbados. A sneaky move if I ever did see one, but then again what do you expect?

Anyway, I had my small claim filed. I had a couple of companies try to track him down to serve him, which he eluded. Eventually I sought legal council and was told that even though I am virtually certain to win my case against him, people like him will never actually pay the money the court says they owe and I would then have a brand new fight on my hands. So I’ve cut my losses. congrats Vince. You get to keep the $500 you owe me. I hope you enjoy it in hell.

Live and learn right? Too bad there is not as much integrity in the world as we would like. But he won’t see another dime from me or anyone I have told about his shady dealings so that is a win.

From the rumblings I’m hearing, a lot of people who formerly had affiliations Vince Del Monte are cutting ties with him as they don’t want to be associated with his dirty business practices. Another win.

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Super Hero Physique
superhero_physique by Shawn Buffington

SOA – a new Animated webseries

I just got an interesting bulk sales email from Vince Del Monte. Actually I don’t know how this happened because I asked to be taken off his spam email list long ago and he decided to put me back in for some reason which is probably A violation of spam laws. It was titled: Please do NOT purchase P90X or Insanity.

It’s obviously not any surprise that this schmuck went on to suggest that his own home workout programs are superior to these ones (don’t worry they are NOT).

First I ought to mention p90x because I doubt Vince had ever actually seen it based on the content of the email. I actually did the program entirely for 90 days a few years ago. It has a lot going for it. The trainer (Tony Horton) is charismatic and fun. The training is long and metabolic. It is probably the best home workout program going. That being said I find training with weights superior, but if that is not an option this program definitely had merit.

Yet Vince has decided to insult the program creators in an attempt to market more of his own garbage. When will this guy learn?

What REALLY caught my eye was the bottom of the email. It is the obligatory part of the email where he provides company info. He starts out with: Vince Del Monte Fitness Services LLC… Well I know for a fact that His company Vince Del Monte Fitness was never incorporated. So what did this little weasel do? He stuck the word “services” onto his business name – likely to avoid all of the legal suits he has against him.

Also the address provided at the bottom is different from the one he previously had listed with the BBB. It appears to be a phony address he can easily change if and when he gets into more legal binds.

If any of you got this email I’m sure you shook your head as well, if any of your friends are considering his programs please remind them how he had duped me!

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Yet another reason NOT to trust Vince Del Monte

This topic is obviously something I’m passionate about. I can’t stand dishonest people and since I am passionate about health and fitness, when I see someone sully the industry it infuriates me!

If you’ve followed my string of posts on Vince Del Monte over the last couple of months you’ll remember that he had marketed his Hypertrophy Max program falsely, promising certain things he never intended to deliver on. And in fact he even admitted as much.

I made a small claim against him and had a company attempt to serve him. Unfortunately he sold the property to his parents and they are renting it. When attempting to find out the updated address of his business I soon learned that Vince Del Monte Fitness is NOT even officially a registered business with the government!

So if you ever want an example of a slimy, scheming con artist look no further. I’m calling you out Vince. Be a man for once!

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I’m not sure how this happened, but it seems that a lot of people were drawn to my articles about Vince Del Monte ripping me off (Vince Del Monte… criminal intent and Vince Del Monte – the Marketing Thief). I have a feeling that this is because a lot of other people have fallen victim to him.

Vince is often complaining about having vicious haters on various media websites. My suspicion is that he has accumulated these “haters” due to having had shifty business transactions with them as well, although I have no evidence to support this theory.

I actually feel somewhat bad for one or two of the business people he associates with who actually do seem to have a sense of morality; people like Ben Pakulski, who I hold in high esteem despite his business partnership with Vince Del Monte.

Now, I am very new to the world of putting together a fitness company, so I did have a certain level of respect for the hoops Vince has had to jump through, so with that in mind I decided to go to him man-to-man in an attempt to bring an honest resolution to the horrendous way that I was treated and cheated:

Shawn Buffington 14/11/2013
To: Vince Del Monte

Hi Vince,

As you know I had discussions with the Help Desk.

My standpoint was this: The primary reason I signed onto HMax was for two components:

1. 90 minute coaching calls
2. Entry into the $25,000 contest

Even though I was billed as if I had received 4 new coaching calls I was only given 2, both of which fell far short of 90 minutes.

As for the contest, it is well documented that it never happened and should not have been part of the marketing campagn… However the fact of the matter is that I had been asking about this on the forum almost as soon as I joined and never got an answer. And it was THE component that made me decide to invest in Hypertrophy MAX.

Against my wishes, the help desk determined to pay me $109 of the full amount and kick me out of the program (which I was not aware they reserved the right to do).

I have decided to contact you as I truly believe you are a person who wants to do business with integrity, in a final attempt to resolve this between ourselves. I hold no grudges towards you, and respect many of your efforts; but in this case I felt I was unintentionally mislead.

Since it will cost me $75 to file the small claims paper work I have put together, I am willing to accept a refund of the entire amount -$75, but no less.


As you can see by the date stamp, this over a week ago now. He has had ample time to respond but has not. My guess is that either he thinks I was bluffing about taking legal action, or he cowardly hid from doing the right thing. One way or the other I have lost what respect I did have for his efforts.

After having filed complaints with both the BBB and the competition bureau, today I took it to another level by filing my case as well as my evidence with the small claims court. I still feel it is a case of David vs Goliath, but I cling to hope that the justice system will prevail and this will be made right.

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There are few dishonest business people and the ones who are don’t last.

-Brian Tracy

Good to know Vince will be on the way out.

Since my last blog on this twit, team Del Monte stooped to a new low…

As outlined, they falsely advertised the program in terms of promising several things including 90 minute coaching calls, and a $25,000 contest which they didn’t deliver.

I asked them for a full refund and they got so mad at me that they both kept my money AND kicked me out of the program.

Here was my correspondence with the help desk:

Date: 2013-10-02 10:17:47

Name: Shawn

Speaking of coaching calls, you said that I have received everything I was promised. I have only received 2 coaching calls and yet you think you can charge me for four months of membership?

Date: 2013-10-02 17:43:32

Name: Kathleen

Hi Shawn,

You have already been refunded the $109 owed to you since you no longer wish to remain a member and have been banned from the program. You are kindly asked not to resubscribe to Hypertrophy M.A.X. again.

Best of luck with your fitness goals.

Date: 2013-10-04 00:30:09

Name: Shawn

So you are only going to give me two coaching calls?

Date: 2013-10-04 00:39:28

Name: Shawn

I would like to refer you to the same article you sent me:

Nowhere in here does it say that YOU reseve the right to KICK ME OUT of the program.

I have NOT agreed to your terms, and clearly said that I DO NOT accept your conditions. If you do not reinstate my membership immediately you will be digging yourself in deeper.

They closed off the ticket and ignored me.

The good news is that this whole fiasco has created a lot of attention. People are giving me great support which I appreciate, and at the same time I’ve had a lot of people tell me of similar situations they’ve had with Vince Del Monte Fitness.

To be honest, when I signed up I was hesitatnt, and came up with a few things I wanted to get out of membership:

  • sign up for the $25,000 contest
  • make new contacts
  • get the monthly coaching calls
  • hopefully learn something from the actual content
  • Well they’ve obviously scammed me (and every other member) on the first three. As for the content… well since I already had the first to phases before, there wasn’t much to be learned either.

    Hopefully together we can bring this fraud down and save others from being ripped off.

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