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I’ve been away from the keyboard at least when it comes to this blog for a few months, but I’ve been keeping busy.

One of my goals rece3ntly has been to try to balance my physical exercise and diet with the rest of my life without it consuming me.

This was important to me as a guy who has several interests as well as being a father to two beautiful kids, a boyfriend to an amazing lady and a fulltime employee for an awesome company.

My struggle with this has been an ongoing one for years. When I dive in with both feet to a diet and training program it has traditionally meant spending most of my waking hours either exercising, cooking, eating or sleeping. Yet when I’ve slacked off on any one of those things I’ve come out with sub-par results.

For me the solution came in the form of structuring a schedule to live by. I neglected to add in time to write this blog, but that is something I will be correcting very soon.

That also means my blog will soon be expanding beyond a primarily physical exercise and diet based blog and will cover a span of topics which will hopefully interest and entertain you 🙂

Thank you to all of my followers, and everyone who has taken the time to comment on my posts. You guys rock!