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14 week challenge Video Blogs

Posted: June 19, 2012 in fitness

To keep things simple I’m sticking all of my blogs here.



Morning routine/supplements:


Morning routine update + workout supps:


Packing food, physical training plan + “Ask Buffer”:


Stubborn fat part 1:


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Stubborn fat part 3:


Vince Del Monte Testimonial


As I mentioned previously, I placed third in the Blue Star transformation competition. This meant that I won some supplements, but not an endorsement. While I really did want that endorsement, the positive upshot is that since I don’t have any affiliation with Blue Star I can now provide some unbiased reviews of their products I will be using (rubbing my hands together sinisterly)…

I’m gonna start with one of their most popular products: Iso-Smooth.

When getting a protein supplement there are quite a few things I typically look for, namely: formulation, taste, mixability, economically priced.

FORMULATION: Iso-smooth has a few different forms of protein, the most abundant being whey isolate, which is generally considered to be one of the fastest absorbing, high quality protein sources available. It also has a few sustained release proteins (Caesin, Egg and Milk).  So far so good. Next it has CLA and flax seed powder, although I doubt they are in very high quantities as there is only 1g fat per serving, so I’m not sure what they add if much at all. Lastly it includes bromelain, which is a great addition as it is an enzyme to assist with protein digestion, so this translates to better use of the protein. Overall I quite like the formulation, to me it looks like an ideal protein to take post-workout.

TASTE: This category is a deal-breaker for me, and I can honestly say that I was very impressed with the taste of the chocolate Iso-flex.  To give some popular comparables: It’s not as thick or rich as MyoFusion, but has a more “full” flavor than ON’s whey powders — I should probably note that these are very different formulations, but are popular “all purpose” whey powders.  Bottom line is this actually surpassed my expectations.

MIXABILITY: Again, this category is fairly important, as an example, I recently picked up a bag of Mutant Whey. I really liked the formulation and the flavor was pretty good too, but it was clumpy and has to be mixed with a blender, so I tend to use it sparingly. I mixed my first serving of Iso-smooth in a shaker cup, and it was completely clump free, so they seem to have this one figured out as well.

PRICE: To look at it on the page Iso-smooth seems pretty pricey. The current listing is $89.99 for 5lbs. Again, to judge this fairly I need something similar to compare to (Keep in mind I’m in Canada). lists Isoflex at $89.94, Dymatize ISO-100 is listed at 86.94, IsoSensation is $84.94 (All of which I’ve used in the past).  So at most we’re talking about a $5 difference.  To try to get even closer to a “fair” comparison I went to and made a custom mix that appeared to be fairly close to Iso-smooth. It appeared to be a lot cheaper at first glance, at about $13 per pound (which would be about $65/ 5 lbs). The problem came when I realized that they charged $28/pound to ship it, which would make that closer to $200 for 5lbs. Having dealt with them in the past, I can tell you they are unwilling to budge on their shipping costs, whereas Blue Star ships free on orders above $100. Also I can’t speak to the taste or mixability of truenutrition. So the bottom line here is that it is easily comparable price-wise to similar products.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Time will tell (I’ve only had a couple servings), but so far so good, I like the formulation a lot as it has both quick and slower proteins so it acts fast and continues to trickle the aminos into your system as time goes on. If you’re considering trying it out one more thing I want to mention is that all of my orders from Blue Star have come extremely quickly — as in the day after or at most two days after ordering, so that fact alone is a big thumbs up from me.


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1-day arm assault!

Posted: June 4, 2012 in fitness

Today is the first full day of my latest challenge — the burn the fat feed the muscle… I’ve read Tom Venuto’s books and articles for a long time, but never felt inclined to enter his challenge until this year, and specifically after setting new records for my personal physical improvement…

I placed third in the Blue Star challenge, which was my best placing to date, but meant there was still room for improvement.

Today I kick off my training with a ridiculous workout. It’s a 1-day arm assault conjured up by my friend and mentor Rob Regish.

According to Rob it may take up to five days to see the full benefits, this marathon in the gym is said to be able to put up to a full inch onto your arm… well my arms have always been a sticking point so I’m thrilled to put this to the test.

My flexed biceps are currently sitting at 14″.