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This is an awesome method I used to add massive strength over a 6 week period (50lbs to my squat and 25 lbs to my bench) while in a caloric deficit.


Begin with a 3-day/week split. Determine your starting weight by doing a simple pyramid, ie:

Set 1 = 12 reps, set 2 = 10, set 3 = 6, set 4 = 4.

Keep your form PERFECT!

WEEKS 2-4:

Use the following reverse pyramid rep scheme:

Set 1 = 4-6 reps, set 2= 6-8 reps, set 3 = 8-10 reps

Followed by one slow negative set which is heavier than your first set.

The goal each week is to add either a rep (writhin the range) and/or weight.


De-load by doing a two-day split keeping around 8 reps.


Back to the 3-day split, you will likely find you are a lot stronger than in the first week.