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Merry Christmas!!!

‘Tis the season for online marketers to shamelessly try to sell you their products, and fitness programs are definitely among them.

It is no secret that I have no love for shameless fitness marketers like Vince Del Monte, who try to scam people by selling them poorly developed programs online and wind up wasting people’s time and money.

My goal is to set up a fitness oriented business that gives people a valuable service with low (and hopefully NO) cost to my clients.

That is because I believe that EVERYONE should be entitled to a healthy life and a great physique.

So as a first step towards my business goal I’ve put together a Facebook page here, where I will be giving away free Ebooks starting next week.

The first Ebook I’ll be giving away is a really cool one called: 20 tricky secrets to win a transformation challenge!

It’s a really good one! And I state in the book that unlike virtually every other “free” ebook you might find out there, this one is not a sales too, it is packed with really cool info on how to place well in a transformation contest.

So please join me on facebook and help on my quest to get the fitness industry back into shape… and get some cool goodies at the same time!!!

2013 transformation contest results

Posted: September 30, 2013 in 2013 cut, fitness

I participated in two transformation contests this summer, and while I was hyper-critical of my own results, I received tremendous feedback and wound up placing pretty high in both of them.

In the MI40 contest I placed 3rd, and in the BFFM challenge I made the top ten. Based on the number of contestants in each those are new high points for me, so I want to extend gratitude to everyone who gave me their support (including the contest organizers themselves).

As far as the specifics of my diet program beyond what I outlined in my 2013 cut blog series, I’ve been putting together a pdf which outlines a more specific version of the progressive protocol I used, so stay tuned for that…

2013 contest cut – week 13

Posted: September 9, 2013 in 2013 cut, fitness

I heard a great quote the other day that success is built upon the ashes of failure. While I believe that this has been my most successful cut to date, I think I can improve upon it even more, which is why it is good that I have closely monitored my dietary, training and supplement protocol so that I can hopefully shift things slightly the next time around and be even more successful than this one. To assist with that process I’ve decided that I’m going to continue dieting until I hit my target. That should help give me a better idea of where my starting point should be next time.

Week 13 was mainly about four things:
1. Train my butt off to shed the remaining pounds
2. Discontinue creatine (in preparation for the week 14 creatine load).
3. get tan
4. Begin loading sodium

One of the issues I faced this week was that by deliberately loading up my sodium, I was bloated and retaining water, so the numbers didn’t come down as drastically as I would’ve liked, but I can still see progress in the mirror.

I’ve tanned about as dark as I think I’m likely to get, so today I’m going to put on a first coat of pro-tan. Picture day is this coming Saturday, following which I’ll be pulling an airplane.

2013 contest cut – week 12

Posted: September 3, 2013 in 2013 cut, fitness

Week 12 was a huge week in term of closing in on my goals for a multitude of reasons…

One of the great breakthroughs came when my friend Clare pointed me towards one of Brian Tracy’s programs. He talked about the fact that it is impossible to exceed our own expectations for ourselves. This really motivated me to push myself in the gym, both in terms of telling myself I could do one rep more than usual, and actually performing that rep despite being in excruciating pain. It has also been helpful from the standpoint of re-establishing my short-term goals, which is bound to help in the coming weeks as well.

I also made a big change in my diet, taking out whey and replacing it with white fish (mainly tilapia). I also tried to take out most of the artificial sweeteners, including BCAAs, meaning I’m taking them in pill form now.

One of the other things I’ve been implementing is cold showers. I began this a week or two ago, but I’ve been gradually building up the amount of time I spend in the cold shower. I got to 90 seconds this week.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a massage so I got in with my therapist for a once-over. In the process she mentioned that my forearms and calves were a bit out of proportion, which I actually appreciated. Even though I won’t be able to bring them up in the last two weeks I’ll at least try to balance it out a bit.

This has also been a week of trying to get tanned, which is always a challenge for a guy as white as me, but I’ve actually been having a bit of success with this which will hopefully make my typical protocol of sunless tanning at least not quite as necessary.

Finally. I really killed it in the gym this week, working out at least two times per day counting cardio, and sometimes as much as 4 times. It is a bit of overkill, but this is the time when I need to do that.

2013 contest cut – week 11

Posted: August 28, 2013 in 2013 cut, fitness

I feel like I’ve been at a sticking point, trying to improve but not making as much progress a I feel I should be.

One of my challenges this summer is that the weeks that my kids are with me it becomes difficult to go to the gym, so I finally overcame that this week by purchasing a home gym. It was a $900 gamble that I hope will pay off.

In the end I did shed one pound this week (bringing my total to 21 lbs of fat loss), and began my shaving and tanning regime… but I need to be losing fat a little quicker so I’m cutting whey out of my diet as well as flavored BCAAs opting for unflavored capsules.

2013 contest cut – week 9

Posted: August 17, 2013 in 2013 cut, fitness

aug 17
Week 9 got off to a rough start. I think I got food poisoned because I wasn’t able to keep anything down for a couple of days, which also killed my appetite.

Not only that but the road to feeling normal again meant eating more carbs than usual for a couple of days.

I did notice that my face is really starting to lean out though, so I’m closing in on the last bit of fat.

Just as the week was ending I took my girlfriend to Niagara Falls, which meant I couldn’t really train with weights since the Crown Royal gym was crap. But I did take a run along the waterfront every morning.

2013 contest cut – week 8

Posted: August 7, 2013 in 2013 cut, fitness

I think I missed week 7, but over the last couple of weeks I’ve made a couple changes that have helped me shed a decent amount of fat while also adding on some lean weight…

I started by breaking my supplements into a 5-day block: morning, pre-woprkout, post-workout, mid-afternoon and pre-bed. This makes sure I’m getting steady doses of the vitamins I need. It makes perfect sense considering I eat in pretty much the same way.

At the beginning of my cut I was mainly doing HIIT cardio. I’ve cut down to only about 1-2 HIIT sessions and instead I do more empty-stomach outdoor runs. I’m not sure why yet, but this has done me far more good than just HIIT.

Finally, I’ve lowered the amount of weight training I’ve been doing. My muscle mass hasn’t suffered, in fact it’s improved so I think I was actually creating too much of a catabolic deficit before.

I seem to learn something new with each cut, so hopefully I remember these ones next time around 🙂