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So My end results were pretty good… I didn’t calculate my actual fat loss but it was significant… here’s the end results in pictures:


Now that this challenge is done, as I await Blue Star’s decision on how I did, I’ve just hopped onto another challenge, this time the MI40 challenge being run by Ben Pakulski.  It is more of a gaining program so lean gains would be optimal for this one, however since it’s still about physique enhancement I’ll have to try to keep myself pretty fat free.

One of the new tools in my toolbox is a newly released supplement called Mass Pro Synthagen:

It is a unique formula that is designed to assist with recovery, adaptation, and triggers protein synthesis via a few different mechanisms.  I’ve only begun using the supplement, and so far so good.

One last bit of cool news… I just published the exact training log I used for my transformation.  I’ve made it available for a limited time to anyone interested for basically no margin of profit, so I can collect feedback for the next edition. The book can be purchased here: