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New Video Blog

Posted: January 31, 2012 in fitness

I just created a video blog as an experiment:


Time to kill it!

Posted: January 29, 2012 in fitness

I was officially accepted into the Blue Star body transformation challenge the other day (

I wasn’t planning to do any kind of competition, the smart thing about the way this came about was that it did not give you a lot of time to prepare ahead of time. I’m sure there are folks out there who know all the tricks in the book to win one of these so the fact that it came out pretty quickly should be to the advantage of those of us who don’t. I’ve only really seen one transformation challenge through, it was the body-for-life challenge which I did two years ago. I thought my progress was pretty good, but I guess it wasn’t enough to place. So the bar is raised for this one.

My before pics were pretty bad, I’m pretty sure I was retaining water as I was extremely thirsty after.

I’m starting this off with a five day detox phase, which is a combination of a detox protocol Ben Pakulski recommends, and the one my friend Rob Regish of “blueprint” fame recommends.

Literary/audio/visual resources:

  • Periodization (5th edition) by Tudor Bompa: This text book is full of all sorts of useful strategies including dietary, supplements, frequency of training, and when to de-load…
  • 7 rules of achievement by Tom Terwilliger: Sort of a mental programming book, but it also has an audio component for visualization/meditation
  • The Blueprint 3.0 by Rob Regish: I’ll be using some of his training/dietary/supplement strategies
  • Joe Weider’s bodybuilding training system: This has some good fundamentals in terms of exercise form that I’ll be using in tandem with Ben Pakulski’s training videos.
  • Stage Shredded Status: I should be getting this DVD set in a few days, it has more information from Ben Pakulski I expect I’ll want to try though I’m not sure how yet.
  • The body fat solution audiobook by Tom Venuto: I have these playing in my car just to help put me in the proper mind set. I’ve always liked Tom’s books and articles.

So currently I’m on a low calorie, low protein, low carb detox diet for the next few days. As for training I’m doing fairly low intensity work and focusing on form and tempo as well as some cardio sessions.

Wish me luck… it’s gonna be a crazy 14 weeks!

And so it begins…

Posted: January 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

I have no idea where this will go… my brain tends to swing like a pendulum from extremely silly to extremely annoyed, so only time will tell if this becomes useful, entertaining, generally stupid, or an uncategorical mixture of all the above.

Sometimes that’s how my best cooking inventions comes about: by chucking together a bunch of random things together. Of course that’s also how my very worst cooking inventions come about.