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Konjac root — this little beauty is fairly new to me, but is pretty amazing. It is a supplement that is really inexpensive, really healthy and really helpful. 

It can help with lowering cholesterol, controlling insulin levels, gut/digestive health and also can help to reduce hunger when dieting.

Organic Apple cider vinegar – this inexpensive little wonder can help raise your metabolism, alkaline your body, helps manage blood sugar levels and gut health in addition to improving your skin and lowering cholesterol.

Daily Fat loss tip #1

Posted: June 13, 2015 in Fat Burning
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buy bottled water! – spending a couple bucks doing this tends to make you more likely to drink more water.

I recently heard an advertisement on the radio for a gym that went something like this: “sign up with us and lose 20lbs in 20 days”.

Now this is clearly marketing hype – anyone vaguely familiar with the human body knows that it is virtually impossible to burn a pound a day in fat (naturally) — so even if this gym could live up to its claim a good portion of that weight would likely be retained water.

Nevertheless it seemed like an interesting challenge to see how much FAT I could burn in the next twenty days putting into practice the principles I’ve picked up over the years.

I want to extend the challenge to anyone who reads this post as well. 

Now with all challenges must come incentive! I’m not set up to offer huge monetary rewards, but it occurred to me that I do have something very cool to offer those who complete the challenge: their before-and-after photos on the cover of my book (Superhero Physique).
Please go ahead and invite any of your friends who are looking to kickstart their summer fat loss.

So as a “challenge” I suppose I’d better lay down some ground rules…

  1. By submitting photos you consent to owning the rights to the photos and grant permission for them to appear on the cover of SuperHero Physique
  2. Before photos will be taken on the first day of your 20 fat burn and after photos will be taken no more than 21 days after the “before pictures”
  3. Diet, training and cardio routines can be done using ANY program you like but you are encouraged to log it as I may want to interview you ;)… you can download free diet and training logs here if you want: – also feel free to make use of any of the tricks in the Transformation Secrets document
  4. Once 20 days are completed submit your photos via the buff-N-toned Facebook page

That’s it! Let cook some fat together!!!

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