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Merry Christmas!!!

‘Tis the season for online marketers to shamelessly try to sell you their products, and fitness programs are definitely among them.

It is no secret that I have no love for shameless fitness marketers like Vince Del Monte, who try to scam people by selling them poorly developed programs online and wind up wasting people’s time and money.

My goal is to set up a fitness oriented business that gives people a valuable service with low (and hopefully NO) cost to my clients.

That is because I believe that EVERYONE should be entitled to a healthy life and a great physique.

So as a first step towards my business goal I’ve put together a Facebook page here, where I will be giving away free Ebooks starting next week.

The first Ebook I’ll be giving away is a really cool one called: 20 tricky secrets to win a transformation challenge!

It’s a really good one! And I state in the book that unlike virtually every other “free” ebook you might find out there, this one is not a sales too, it is packed with really cool info on how to place well in a transformation contest.

So please join me on facebook and help on my quest to get the fitness industry back into shape… and get some cool goodies at the same time!!!

Today’s post it a fun one more than anything, b ut actually it is a pretty good practice anyway.

So you want those man-making huge delts and traps? Stand in front of a mirror and do this:

  • roll your Delts back and squeeze your shoulder blades together
  • While this may feel exaggerate, it can actually help you to practice good posture and give a strong, confident silhouette.

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    muscle food

    As you’ll remember from 3 keys to massive muscles, there are 4 areas of focus when it comes to the Mass Method:

    1. Progressive overload Training
    2. Eating like a bodybuilder
    3. Hormonal Enhancement
    4. And the Bonus item is Persistence & mental programming

    Today we will talk about eating to gain muscle.

    In my opinion this is the biggest area that holds people back from accomplishing their goals. That can be said both of those who wish to lose fat and those who wish to gain muscle.

    Eating to gain size can be a daunting task and can feel like it’s taking over your life, the more rigid you are with your diet the more true this is, yet the more effective it tends to be.

    So first let’s ask: Why is it necessary to eat a lot of food when trying to add muscle?

    With a little bit of consideration the answer becomes quickly apparent: In order to build muscle your body must have enough resources to perform its daily tasks AS WELL AS building muscle.

    Those nutrients the body need come in a few forms; firstly: Protein. Protein is the building blocks of muscle and needs to be added into the diet at regular intervals.

    Essential Fats: dietary fat is responsible for healthy hormonal function and delivery of fat-soluble vitamins. Fortunately for us in this case it is also high in calories.

    Minerals: Certain minerals (calcium, magnesium, zinc, iodine, sodium, copper, chromium, iron, sulphur, manganese, potassium and phosphorus) are required for bodily functions but cannot be synthesized by your body. Best bet to get these with a multivitamin.

    Fiber: If you are eating a lot of protein you will require a lot of fiber as well to help with digestion. Having vegetables with all your meals should take care of this.

    So step one is to make sure you are getting a moderate caloric surplus and step two is to ensure you are getting adequate amounts of the previously listed items. This is best accomplished by making yourself a daily meal plan.

    While you’re making this, if you are to build it solely around fats and protein you will quickly find that not only is it difficult to hit your required calories, it is also going to wreak havoc on your digestive system. This is where carbohydrates come in.

    Personally I try to stick to complex carbohydrates at two times during the day: After training and before bed. That is when they are utilized most efficiently and when my body needs them most.

    I’ve kind of gone through this quickly but I want to tell you right now that eating junk food is NOT a good way to gain muscle. I hate the work “Bulk”. My first attempt to “bulk” was a 12 week diet that I was given by Vince Del Monte. I went from this:
    Trying to get your required calories in by eating a bunch of junk will actually become counter productive. You will not only wind up getting fat and having to shed that fat, but your body will be using its resources and enzymes to digest and excrete that junk rather than building muscle.

    So what I’ve just laid out is essentially the basics of eating, but there are two often overlooked things that can help take your dietary plan to the next level:

  • Alkalinity
  • Utilization of nutrients
  • Keeping your body alkaline is a tool that todays best bodybuilders use simply by having lemon water each morning and including lots of greens in their diet. By doing this not only have I managed to improve my muscle-building abilities and overall health, I also cured myself of acid reflux (for which my doctor had put me on Nexium).

    By adding probiotics, digestive enzymes and glutamine to your supplement regimen you will improve your gut health and your ability to make the most effective use of your foods possible. My theory is that getting the most out of what you eat is even more important than getting mass quantities of food.

    That concludes this post. Coming up soon I’ll discus factor 3: Hormonal enhancement.

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    Super Hero Physique
    superhero_physique by Shawn Buffington


    I wish I had my phone camera handy today in the gym so I could show you a video of a guy that perfectly illustrates when you should put aside your ego and lower the weights.

    This fellow was trying to bench more than he should have been and was heaving it up with his lower back and shoulders, then lowering with no control whatsoever. **As an aside, I always recommend keeping your abs tight and your shoulders retracted when doing a bench press. This will certainly limit how much weight you can use, but you will be targeting your chest instead of the surrounding muscles.

    I’m all for lifting heavy weights; but only when it is being done with perfect form and ideally with a full range of motion.

    Now there is one exception I have to this rule, which is using momentum to get a weight up in order to perform negative reps. It’s not something I recommend doing very often, and when it is done you have to be very careful… in fact I NEVER do this without having a training partner helping me get it up so I’m not staining and risking injury.

    You won’t impress anyone when you are laid up in a hospital bed because you put heavy weights above proper form in your list of priorities.

    Of course I’m probably preaching to the choir, since pretty much all of my readers I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with have been very intelligent people who already train smart. The ones I’ve met who don’t train as well generally do so out of ignorance or having been taught the wrong things by the wrong meat heads.

    To come back to the original question, how much should you lift? The answer is: as much as you can within your desired rep range while keeping perfect form.
    Grow forth and prosper!

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    I’ll admit that I was skeptical several months ago when occlusion training articles began popping up, most notably in magazines (I believe it was Muscle & Fitness)… in fact virtually anytime I see a new “muscle growth secret” pop up in a publication like this I immediately write it off as crap.

    This time however I was intrigued… not by the magazine coverage, but actually it was some scientific studies on occlusion training that were overwhelmingly and very decisively positive.

    So I’ve been giving it a try, and while the end results are still pending, I can definitely say I come out of occlusion training with such a massive pump that it definitely makes the workout feel like it was worthwhile.

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    SuperHero Physique
    superhero_physique by Shawn Buffington

    (Frank Zane famously used intensifiers)

    By now you’ve probably read my article on Intensifiers. Now it’s time to INTENSIFY intensifiers by combining them!

    My favourite method of doing this involves combining negatives and partials. For safety purposes this will probably only be done for isolation exercises.

    Here’s an example…

    Doing a leg curl you hit “failure” but know there is a little bit left if not a full rep, so you do a bottom partial rep, but use very slow and controlled negative portion of that. My guess is you will only be able to do 2 or 3 (where you could probably do 5 regular partials).

    I find that doing this helps get closer to adding that extra rep to a set over a few workouts a lot quicker than doing one intensifier on its own.

    Here are a couple other combinations you can play with:

  • Drop-sets + Rest-pause (you will be able to make the drops more weight or more reps this way)
  • Negatives + drop sets (this gives a massive burn)
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