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This is a little routine I like to use prior to a hot date just to top up my confidence 🙂

Typically I like to train for 45-60 minutes, but this one lasts me closer to 80 min.

There is an endless debate about what kind of training is best for building size, here are some examples:

LIFTING HEAVY/”Strength” training:

Advocates say:

  • Strength/heavy training works the muscle fibers that most susceptible to growth

Those against it say:

  • Strength training primarily exercises the CNS and not as much skeletal muscle

Moderate/”hypertrophy” training:

Advocates say:

  • Training in the 8-12 rep range with controlled tempo and constant tension is the best way to stimulate muscular growth

Those against it say:

  • Only people taking steroids get results from this type of training.

High volume/”endurance” training:

Advocates say:

  • Training with higher volume causes a greater increase of growth hormone which leads to greater size especially when combined with other anabolic hormones

Those against it say:

  • Fatigue comes not from muscular exhaustion, but from metabolic fatigue

I’m no scientist — and even those who have have never conclusively determined one method to be better than the other, so in this special workout for my “sexy muscles” ie. CHEST and BICEPS, I will work all of these!

In addition I will also include as many FUNCTIONS of the muscle groups as possible!

Pre-workout nutrition:

The goal here is to prime the body for building muscle by optimizing hormones.  Firstly I avoid taking fats for at least an hour pre-workout, and avoid carbs at least THREE hours prior to training.  Within about 15 minutes of training I take:

  • 5g free-form EAAs
  • 3mg melatonin


I start with hammer machine incline chest press, beginning with a moderate weight.  I only lift for 8 reps so I do not fatigue the muscle. I super-set this with Barbell curls, again with a moderate weight.

I rest for about a minute then repeat these two exercises until I have so much weight that I can only do 1 safe rep of (with perfect form) of each!  This effectively takes care of the strength training, activating my CNS, as well as warming up my muscles!!!

Giant set 1:

Next I pick a set of dumbbells that I could lift for 8-10 reps and do the following TRIPLE-SET:

A1: Incline db press – 6 reps

A2: slight incline db press – 6 reps

A3: flat db press – 6 pres

After a short breather I pick of a lighter set of dumbbells and do a set of seated curls with supination **-Supination is one of the major functions of biceps

Now I’ll rest for about 90 seconds

Repeat that entire sequence two more times!

Tri-set 2:

Next I focus on high reps and multiple muscle functions:

A1: db flies with internal rotation x20

A2: Reverse EZ bar curls x15 ss w/ez bar curls x15

A3: Bent DB flyes x2 – extremely slow negatives

Rest 90 sec then repeat once.


Since the whole point of this workout is to look buffed, it occurred to me that all of these exercises focus on contracting the upper body, which will help with chest development, but also may compromise your posture, so to help “widen” myself I like to finish this off with some trap work:

3 sets of bent reverse flyes – super slow negatives. *shoulder blades retracted to focus in on the traps and not rear delts.


10 min moderate intensity on the treadmill… this will assist with the post-workout nutrition

Post workout nutrition:

The previous workout would have built up a lot of GH, and to make it even more anabolic, I’ll use just enough carbs to spike insulin, and add in fast acting amino acids to help with the recovery process.

  • 10g carbs (Gatorade) mixed with lemon juice
  • 5g EAAs
  • Multivitamin
  • 45g whey protein

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