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Gran punch!

Posted: November 30, 2013 in family, fun

A little off-topic fun for your weekend!


We Day

Posted: November 24, 2013 in family


Today I joined my daughter for an assembly to something called “we day”. I had never heard of this before, and now that I’ve left the auditorium I still don’t know what the hell it’s meant to be about.

Here’s what the content included:
Snippets from a concert where celebrities shouted “change begins with you”, followed by a pimply teenager shouting about “making a difference”; then a couple of charities asking people to join them, a kid with a lisp free-style rapping about something indiscernible, then concluded with the group being led in some krumping routine.

I challenge any of you to know what the heck that’s supposed to be rallying.

I suppose what annoyed me is that they kept telling kids to change via songs or raps or whatever, but didn’t actually tell kids HOW to step outside your comfort zone, or ways to build their self-confidence enough to learn how to be selfless.

So this was just one more piece of evidence to me that our educational system is really messed up. I’m not knocking We Day… How can I since I’m none the wiser as to what it even is.

I spoke to some of the teachers involved suggestng they help children learn some of these fundamental traits, and also suggested that brief description of WHAT it even is may be helpful, but they just smiled and nodded.

Oh well, at least I know that my kids are learning these things at home.

Advanced Gym Etiquette

Posted: November 24, 2013 in fitness
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There are countless articles that have been written by pissed off bodybuilders who are sick I cleaning up weights that noobs leave Lyon around or on racks, but clearly those guys don’t read such writings because it still happens. All those guys seem to care about is lifting heavy weights with poor form.

Today there was a new one for me…

A guy goes to the urinal, and takes the middle one (there were 3)… Okay boys, never take the middle one if all three are free, unless you want to discourage other guys from being able to empty their bladder.

As I was waiting for him to finish I noticed that instead of simply shaking he was doing a motion that looked strangely like tugging.

Then he leaves without washing his hands, in his way to go work out. I called after him and said “you forgot to wash your hands.” At that point he looked at me like I was the weird one.

I do t know how some people are raised when I have to be sitting here teaching people how to shake their dick dry, but hopefully together we can educate the masses and have less urine on our dumbbells.

Actually I think gym etiquette on the whole can be summed up as follows: show consideration for others.

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Between-meals shake

Posted: November 21, 2013 in fitness
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This little baby has served me well, especially when dieting down, but it also can be handy to have during gaining phases in-between meals.

Here are a few of the benefits:

  • it Alkalizes
  • lowers cortisol
  • adds fiber
  • helps preserve muscle
  • helps with gut health/digestion
  • keeps muscles hydrated
  • Quite a lot of wonderful benefits for one little shake. So here’s what I mix together in a shaker cup:

    1. 1/4 C lemon juice
    2. greens powder (I prefer vegegreens by progressive)
    3. reds (I usually use phytoberry by progressive)
    4. 5-10g glutamine
    5. 5g creatine monohydrate
    6. electrolytes (I use lemon-lime flavoured Electrolyte hydrator by Vega sport)
    7. 10g BCAAs (My favourite is Caribbean Splash Aminocore by Allmax)

    Give it a try, you’ll love it!

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    I’m not sure how this happened, but it seems that a lot of people were drawn to my articles about Vince Del Monte ripping me off (Vince Del Monte… criminal intent and Vince Del Monte – the Marketing Thief). I have a feeling that this is because a lot of other people have fallen victim to him.

    Vince is often complaining about having vicious haters on various media websites. My suspicion is that he has accumulated these “haters” due to having had shifty business transactions with them as well, although I have no evidence to support this theory.

    I actually feel somewhat bad for one or two of the business people he associates with who actually do seem to have a sense of morality; people like Ben Pakulski, who I hold in high esteem despite his business partnership with Vince Del Monte.

    Now, I am very new to the world of putting together a fitness company, so I did have a certain level of respect for the hoops Vince has had to jump through, so with that in mind I decided to go to him man-to-man in an attempt to bring an honest resolution to the horrendous way that I was treated and cheated:

    Shawn Buffington 14/11/2013
    To: Vince Del Monte

    Hi Vince,

    As you know I had discussions with the Help Desk.

    My standpoint was this: The primary reason I signed onto HMax was for two components:

    1. 90 minute coaching calls
    2. Entry into the $25,000 contest

    Even though I was billed as if I had received 4 new coaching calls I was only given 2, both of which fell far short of 90 minutes.

    As for the contest, it is well documented that it never happened and should not have been part of the marketing campagn… However the fact of the matter is that I had been asking about this on the forum almost as soon as I joined and never got an answer. And it was THE component that made me decide to invest in Hypertrophy MAX.

    Against my wishes, the help desk determined to pay me $109 of the full amount and kick me out of the program (which I was not aware they reserved the right to do).

    I have decided to contact you as I truly believe you are a person who wants to do business with integrity, in a final attempt to resolve this between ourselves. I hold no grudges towards you, and respect many of your efforts; but in this case I felt I was unintentionally mislead.

    Since it will cost me $75 to file the small claims paper work I have put together, I am willing to accept a refund of the entire amount -$75, but no less.


    As you can see by the date stamp, this over a week ago now. He has had ample time to respond but has not. My guess is that either he thinks I was bluffing about taking legal action, or he cowardly hid from doing the right thing. One way or the other I have lost what respect I did have for his efforts.

    After having filed complaints with both the BBB and the competition bureau, today I took it to another level by filing my case as well as my evidence with the small claims court. I still feel it is a case of David vs Goliath, but I cling to hope that the justice system will prevail and this will be made right.

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    Okay, this picture really has nothing to do with my blog, but can you blame me?

    In my recent post 3 keys to massive muscles I presented an abstract which I believe holds the key to making substantial muscle gains:

    The body builds muscle as an adaptive response to training stimulus where that stimulus is perceived as a threat to ones survival. The signal is sent via anabolic hormones to utilize available nutrients to hyper compensate for this threat.

    From that we extract 3 (actually 4 if you count persistance and mental programming) requirements:

    1. Progressive Overload training stimulus
    2. Over-abundance of nutrients
    3. Optimal hormonal Environment

    Today’s blog focusses on training.

    What I’m going to talk about is perhaps the most effective training method that I’ve ever used. It is nothing new or fancy but it seems to solve one of the greatest problems that gym-goers encounter: Have I done ENOUGH work to spark muscle growth?

    This issue has plagued me for a long time. We often leave the gym feeling either fatigued or burned out, but neither of those necessarily equates to hypertrophy.

    Intensifiers can help push us to a greater point of exhaustion, but I don’t believe they are the be-all, end-all solution.

    Fortunately our muscles generally have more than one function, so that tells us that we can fatigue one function without exhausting ALL functions.

    The method: TRI-SETS

    Essentially what we do is three subsequent exercise with les than 10 seconds rest between them, each one focussing on a different angle or function of a given muscle for 6-10 reps each.

    Chest is a great illustration:
    Exercise 1: incline db press
    Exercise 2: flat db flye
    Exercise 3: cable scoops

    In this case you can see that hand position is manipulated from exercise to exercise, much as it might be for back or arms Tri-sets.

    Why I suspect they are so effective

  • They keep you mentally engaged
  • It seems easier to keep the intensity high
  • You get the hormonal benefits of both high Volume and high Intensity
  • It burns like a SOB
  • It is metabolically challenging and therefore burns fat as you train
  • When training different functions and angles it helps build a well-balanced physique
  • They are very time efficient
  • I think I’ve clearly pointed out that training is only one piece of the puzzle, but if you’re looking to add a new muscle-building tool in your arsenal, I’d highly suggest using tri-sets. From my experience they can be pwerful both when cutting and when adding mass.

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    I mention the term “Progressive Overload” in many of my blogs as it is a fundamental part of muscle-building. Generally I focus on the Overload half of that, so today I will talk about Progress.

    I’m not usually one for analogies because I find they often remain theoretical and then don’t translate to real-world results, but one has really stuck with me in regards to progress:

    “All progress is an upward climb. It is never easy, but always necessary to improve.”

    This really tells us all we need to know about moving out of the dreaded “comfort zone” and into the “growth zone”. But it has to be realized through action to be of any kind of use. This comes down to mental focus and programming.

    When we hit the gym with the intension of improving, we must have that mindset. We must know what our previous best was and tell ourself that we not only can, but WILL do even better today.

    Through my own experience this means coming into the gym with a specific goal (based on my previous training logs) and telling myself over and over that I am capable of achieving it. It also means keeping my clearly trained on improvement by NOT having heavy metal blasting into my ears (that is saved for cardio).

    In fact if I listen to anything while resistance training it’s almost always self-improvement audiobooks, but usually I’ll even unplug that during my hardest work sets so that the moment can be between me and the weights.

    From my perspective progress is a very personal thing, and a way of thinking. It is about overcoming mental barriers and replacing any negative doubts with positive reinforcement. It comes through belief in yourself and your capabilities, and it comes from taking responsibility for everything in your life because you are the only one that can make it happen!

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