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When it comes to getting a superior posterior, we are not just talking about glute movements but hamstrings as well.

I believe the problem for many people who are struggling to build their butt is that they do hamstring movements in a way that is not optimal.

The first thing to realize is that hamstrings are mainly made up of fast twitch muscle fibers and therefore respond best to heavy resistance training.

But that is not to suggest you jump into heavy training with sloppy form. You want to start by focusing on isolating your hamstring in these movements. Here are some tips for lying leg curls to help accomplish this: press your hip into the pad and point your toes. Also try letting go of the handles so your arms don’t do any of the work.

Do this with a fairly light weight and practice feeling the hamstrings work. Progress in weight until you can do 6 heavy reps.

There are several different intensifiers that can be used for lying leg curls, personally I enjoy doing a different one each set. For example, after the first set I’ll do partials at the bottom part of the range. After the second set I’ll do top partials. For the next set I might do drop sets. Then on the next I will do a drop with unilateral negatives for one leg and after the last set do the same thing with the other leg.

Squats are highly important to include if you want a nice backside as well. The deeper you squat the more hamstring muscles they incorporate, so also begin working with lesser weights and focus your progression on the range of motion.

A final way to build a nice rump is to include glute flexing at the end of certain back movements, specifically deadlifts and straight-arm pulldowns.

Good luck on your butt-building efforts, these tips should assist with that!

Ninja Turtle legs

SuperHero Physique
superhero_physique by Shawn Buffington

Worry not dear readers, if that Del Monte slimeball gives me further reason to banter about him I will gladly take the opportunity.

The reason for this post is basically to close out the whole saga I had with Vince Del Monte since the articles on him seem to be some of my more popular as a lot of people seem to have been scammed by him in one way or another.

Since writing my first article about being scammed by Vince, he has changed his company name at least twice as well as the registered address. Funny enough is was only due to a nasty comment I got in this article that I then dug deeper and saw he actually now only has his newly named company “located” in Barbados. A sneaky move if I ever did see one, but then again what do you expect?

Anyway, I had my small claim filed. I had a couple of companies try to track him down to serve him, which he eluded. Eventually I sought legal council and was told that even though I am virtually certain to win my case against him, people like him will never actually pay the money the court says they owe and I would then have a brand new fight on my hands. So I’ve cut my losses. congrats Vince. You get to keep the $500 you owe me. I hope you enjoy it in hell.

Live and learn right? Too bad there is not as much integrity in the world as we would like. But he won’t see another dime from me or anyone I have told about his shady dealings so that is a win.

From the rumblings I’m hearing, a lot of people who formerly had affiliations Vince Del Monte are cutting ties with him as they don’t want to be associated with his dirty business practices. Another win.

Vince Del Monte archive

Super Hero Physique
superhero_physique by Shawn Buffington

SOA – a new Animated webseries

MI40-x week 5 log

Posted: July 27, 2014 in fitness, Program Reviews


MI40-x logs: week 1; week 2; week 3; week 4

I had a ton of family functions so I had to push week 5 by a week, but I’m back at it…

Week 5 starts off with yet another split to start the week (Chest & back/Quads & biceps/Hams,delts & triceps), but after those are complete and a day of rest it becomes 2/day training with yet a new split that continues on into week 6.

Because this week is split in half it’s a little tricky to sum up the entire week, but I will say this: doing the 2/day workouts requires a ton of dedication to the point where you are almost revolving your life around your workouts which is easier said than done.

Still no “coaching call”.

Week 5 log

Mi40x Honest Program Review

SuperHero Physique
superhero_physique by Shawn Buffington


Professional actors are known for being some of the sexiest people on the planet, but there is a reason that goes beyond their external appeal that affects this… Coming from a filmmaking background I have learned that a big part of studying acting includes the study of body language and mannerisms.

Most talented actors I’ve crossed paths with, whether famous or not, tend to carry themselves with a certain kind of confidence that makes them both attractive and inviting. I believe it is partly from studying various mannerisms that they are then able to translate that into their real life to have the kind of demeanour that makes them appear desirable. This can help not only their careers but their overall attractiveness to the opposite sex.

Notice that Tom Cruise is always smiling; notice Hugh Jackman is always standing with an air of confidence. This goes for women too. The successful ones carry themselves with a sense of high self-worth and have a likeable demeanour. Women like Megan Fox or Kristen Stewart may have outward beauty but their constantly grumpy personalities have made them fall from popular interest.

So while this may be interesting, how can we use the same concepts to improve our own image?

My experience is that is all begins from within. In fact I dedicated the first potion of “Superhero Physique” to building a “heroic identity”. Here are a couple of the ways I do this in my own life and think everyone would benefit from:

  • Practice good posture. This affects your attitude and creates a cycle of positivity.

  • Do not allow yourself to be a victim. This should stand to reason as a hero is never a victim in his or her own mind. This means never feeling sorry for yourself or letting your circumstances hold you back.

  • Understand the power that guilt has and don’t allow anyone to use it to manipulate your emotions or behaviour.

  • Be excited for the person you are working on becoming. Some people who have naturally low self-esteem (like me) struggle with this one. Some people find that positive affirmations help with this, some find that concrete goals help make their mind focus on a positive image of themselves. Personally I do both.

  • Be proud of who you are already. This means you not only know yourself but love those traits. As an example, after my divorce when I first hit the dating scene I found that a lot of women hate heavy metal. The temptation is to play down the fact that I love it, but to do that would be denying a part of myself, so instead I embrace it and if a chick doesn’t like that she can either deal with it or enjoy a lesser life without me.
  • There are plenty more that perhaps I’ll touch on in the future, but the bottom line is that when you start building your inner strength, working on your outward self-expression becomes very natural.

    Becoming a “man’s man” from head to toe

    SuperHero Physique
    superhero_physique by Shawn Buffington

    MI40-x week 4 log

    Posted: July 11, 2014 in fitness, MI40x, Program Reviews


    MI40-x logs: week 1; week 2; week 3

    This was a fairly enjoyable training week. The goal is “strength/high threshold training”.
    the actual split is changed once again, but it’s a little unconventional. It begins with a three-day split of: chest & side delts, back & hamstrings, quads. After these three work outs it has two final days or “finishers” as I often call them which kind of demolish your muscles…

    Perhaps my favourite workout of the week was the “compound day” where you do the “big three” in wavelike loading pattern. the arm & delt day had a ton of drop sets including doing drops on all sets of dumbbell laterals – a trick I believe Toney Freeman is known for.

    Last day of the week is arms and delts which has a ton of drop sets.

    The fairly low volume in this week is likely in preparation for the next week which appears to include a massive amount of volume (including 2/day).

    To date my impressions of the program are a little mixed. There is a lot of chest and quad work, but not a lot of rear delt or trap work, which is something I would do differently if I were designing the program as those are real “man-making” body parts in my mind.

    We’ll see how I feel at the end of the next week (if I can walk).

    Week 5 Log

    Mi40x Honest Program Review

    SuperHero Physique
    superhero_physique by Shawn Buffington

    Since beach season is upon us and like you probably do, I like to train hard during the winter but still like to look good when I hit the beach. So here are some little tips that can help make us beach worthy…

    1. Weight Training

    This should be hypertrophy and GH-based training to help volumize your muscles. Supersets work really well in this type of program. A 3 or 4 day split tends to work well for this, my favourite being: Chest & Biceps/Quads & Calves/Back & Hamstrings/Shoulders & Triceps

    2. Cardio

    Different cardio modalities seem to work for different people. Personally I have had the best results with early morning jogging. Some people swear by HIIT. Personally I tend to use that after leg training on an upright stationary bike as it not only burns fat but helps reduce cramping.

    3. Diet

    You want a moderate caloric deficit to burn fat and not muscle, with a re-feed day every 3-4 days. Eat protein with each meal, eat the majority of your daily carbs after exercising and drink lots of water to help keep hydrated and also help with organ function. Make sure to include healthy fats and vegetables.

    4. Supplements

    A greens supplement will work wonders as far as your overall body composition. Lately I have mixed some in with my post workout protein shake as well. Cortisol, insulin and estrogen are often culprits of fat so they can be addressed by such things as: Magnesium, Vitamin C, DIM, Calcium D-Glucarate, Chromium. Also to assist with your overall physique include some creating monohydrate.

    5. Tan

    For some people (myself included) this is easier said than done. Fortunately these days there are a few creative ways to get a nice glow without looking like an oompa loompa, so do some online research and I’m sure you will find a way to do it.

    6. Sleep

    Quality sleep will help with your overall vitality, bodily function and outward appearance, so do what you must to get not just quantity but quality sleep.

    Give these a try and let me know your progress!


    MI40-x logs: week 1; week 2

    Week 3 is a new split using reciprocal inhibition, and geared more towards “power”. That said, reps don’t go below 6 and there are a lot of extremely slow negatives.

    (Each week in this program is structured slightly differently, so it will be interesting to see if this is effective or if it changes too frequently to progress.)

    Day 1 was brutal. I don’t think I’ve ever left a chest/back day before about to puke.

    The first Arms & shoulders day of the week was fairly moderate in terms of intensity.

    And even the leg days weren’t bad as I normally come away with cramping but did not for these workouts.

    Overall this week felt a little less challenging than the first two weeks but that could be by design.

    Week 4 log

    Mi40x Honest Program Review

    SuperHero Physique
    superhero_physique by Shawn Buffington