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Last week I had to make a weigh-in within 48 hours and had to drop about 7 pounds… here’s how I did it:


Hey guys and gals,

So in my efforts to adapt with the times I’m revamping my blog and videos a little…

I’m going to be publishing a new video each week, but the theme will be alternating between:

  • one Superhero-physique-themed video per month (based on whatever the newest blockbuster is)
  • one fitness program review per month including books, online programs and even equipment
  • the other weeks will cover all kinds of topics in the physique transformation world like exercise, nutrition, hormones, tips and tricks, supplement and maybe even the odd rant *cough* Planet Fitness *cough*

A lot will be linked here in my blog but they might not all be (and some will be relating to my archived blogs), so to get it all please subscribe to my new YouTube channel, and as always your feedback is appreciated: Buff-N-Toned Channel