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Professional actors are known for being some of the sexiest people on the planet, but there is a reason that goes beyond their external appeal that affects this… Coming from a filmmaking background I have learned that a big part of studying acting includes the study of body language and mannerisms.

Most talented actors I’ve crossed paths with, whether famous or not, tend to carry themselves with a certain kind of confidence that makes them both attractive and inviting. I believe it is partly from studying various mannerisms that they are then able to translate that into their real life to have the kind of demeanour that makes them appear desirable. This can help not only their careers but their overall attractiveness to the opposite sex.

Notice that Tom Cruise is always smiling; notice Hugh Jackman is always standing with an air of confidence. This goes for women too. The successful ones carry themselves with a sense of high self-worth and have a likeable demeanour. Women like Megan Fox or Kristen Stewart may have outward beauty but their constantly grumpy personalities have made them fall from popular interest.

So while this may be interesting, how can we use the same concepts to improve our own image?

My experience is that is all begins from within. In fact I dedicated the first potion of “Superhero Physique” to building a “heroic identity”. Here are a couple of the ways I do this in my own life and think everyone would benefit from:

  • Practice good posture. This affects your attitude and creates a cycle of positivity.

  • Do not allow yourself to be a victim. This should stand to reason as a hero is never a victim in his or her own mind. This means never feeling sorry for yourself or letting your circumstances hold you back.

  • Understand the power that guilt has and don’t allow anyone to use it to manipulate your emotions or behaviour.

  • Be excited for the person you are working on becoming. Some people who have naturally low self-esteem (like me) struggle with this one. Some people find that positive affirmations help with this, some find that concrete goals help make their mind focus on a positive image of themselves. Personally I do both.

  • Be proud of who you are already. This means you not only know yourself but love those traits. As an example, after my divorce when I first hit the dating scene I found that a lot of women hate heavy metal. The temptation is to play down the fact that I love it, but to do that would be denying a part of myself, so instead I embrace it and if a chick doesn’t like that she can either deal with it or enjoy a lesser life without me.
  • There are plenty more that perhaps I’ll touch on in the future, but the bottom line is that when you start building your inner strength, working on your outward self-expression becomes very natural.

    Becoming a “man’s man” from head to toe

    SuperHero Physique
    superhero_physique by Shawn Buffington