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When you hear the term man’s man what images cone to mind?

I think of people like Gerard Butler, Tom Hardy, Stallone, Hugh Jackman and of course Justin Bieber. Okay hopefully it was aparant I was kidding on the last one. There are more I could name, but the important thing is that these are men that other men admire and are drawn to, so let’s take a look at what characteristics and qualities these lads have…

First of all there is the way that they carry themselves. It typically involves a unique combination of confidence, humility and humour. On screen we usually see the fearless and confident side of them that shows a strong outward facade, yet in person they are generally light hearted and grounded.

Guys who go around with a constant “tough guy” scowl are usually doing their own image harm because others see them as a joke; where guys who are able to balance strength and humility are magnetic to both men and women.

Now let’s take a look at them from head to toe… Or rather toe to head. What we are after here is creating the body that all men would like to have and all women would like to HAVE.


Powerful legs and a muscular butt are staples of the man’s man so no more skimping on leg day at the gym. Here are a couple pointers:

  • calves are mostly small muscle diners so they require high volume and greater frequency to grow.
  • Really strive to feel them burn on each set.
  • Glutes / hamstrings are mostly large muscle fibres so they require less volume but heavier loads, I find 4-6 reps works best.
  • Quads are right in the middle and can respond well to both heavy and moderate weights.
  • stallone2

    Torso: lean and muscular. To obtain this type of physique means a combination of eating well and training well. For most guys this means training upper body in the 8-12 rep range, and eating a high protein diet rounded out with fiber, healthy fat and a little bit of complex carbs. A slight caloric deficit will be needed if you are to shed fat in your mid section, and the training mentioned above will bring out your muscles nicely while doing so. Shoulders and arms are small muscle groups that can be trained more a couple times per week where as chest and back are usually best trained once every 5-7 days.


    Face: a strong jawline, and groomed facial hair are considered staples of the manly man. It may seem like a strong jaw is out of your control, but the trick is just to be lean. Facial hair is not necessarily essential, but if you choose to have some it’s best when kept groomed. And no porn star moustaches! Eyebrows should also be maintained but not to extremes. If they are too bushy you look like a slob but is try are razor thin you look like a wimp.


    hair: This will be an indivual thing that suits your features. For some people it means no hair at all, and for others it is shoulder length. But it is always kept under control!

    Finishing touches: cleanliness is next to manliness. Avoid crap like axe, use a nicely scented bodywash, stick deodorant and if you wish a touch of a good quality cologne. Floss regularily too, bad teeth do not a manly man make!

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