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I only recently heard this term, and it was in the context of learning about a program called “Rethink Masculinity” where men are taught how to get in touch with their feelings as well as other helpful things like being sensitive towards others and cry in public.

Go to the page (which I will not link) and you will see four men who are probably the last people I would think of when I think of the term “manly”, but these people want to teach you how to get rid of what they call “toxic masculinity”.

Now “Toxic masculinity” can mean different things to different groups… as per wikipedia the definition is “traditional norms of behavior among men” – so does this mean standing to pee?

I am going to go out on a limb and guess that this is largely a group of effeminate men who are intimidated by testosterone-filled, angry dudes.

If that’s the case I can sympathize, but I will suggest that a man who is not in control of his temper is merely a child and does not deserve the title “man”.

Our world is trying so viciously to be nice that we are seeing more separation and contempt for one another than ever. Just look at the political landscape in the US right now. An educated society should be able to embrace their own uniqueness while understanding the necessity for people with differing qualities. But instead of uniting we make them into villains.

And claiming that men acting like men is toxic is doing the exact same thing. And unfortunately it is becoming more and more uncommon for men to have the qualities that are natural. If the word natural pisses you off, I would ask how it is that our species has survived so long… the clear answer is that in the beginning of time we had a social construct that supported our evolutionary means of survival and reproduction… in other words: men were men and women were women.

Both are equal in importance and yet both are different in design AND purpose.

I began a video series on the topic, let me know what you think…


Last week I had to make a weigh-in within 48 hours and had to drop about 7 pounds… here’s how I did it:

As always I am offering the kind of no-BS review that you don’t see a lot of. Most “reviews” are simply marketing scams… even the ones that say “scam” or “don’t buy this before…” etc. All sneaky ways to lure people in. 

Anyone who has read my blog knows I have had a series of bad experiences with Vince Del Monte that have gotten to the point of legal proceedings. So the safe money would be on betting that I’m going to steer you away from it.

Well, I’m actually going to give Vinny the same treatment I give everyone who releases a fitness product: give him the benefit of the doubt and a fair review.

What it is: there are several “seasons” of Live Large TV which have a bunch of episodes within, so if you sign up for the first time you get access to the back catalogue, which will be quite a lot of content. The content itself includes such things as Vince in the gym teaching a new routine or movement that he learned from one of his associates, questions answered about food and supplements etc, lecture-style videos that cover everything from mental programming to steroids, and then other little “filler” videos like his father talking about random “motivational” things.

So the bottom line is that if you respect Vince and want to hear second-hand information and ideas he has come across, this is actually a good purchase. Especially if you just sign on temporarily to access the full content then cancel for a while.

However if Vince’s face or voice or hair or jewelry bother you, or you simply have no respect for him (whether it was lost or simply not yet earned) you will be wasting your money because everything he says will be tainted.

If that is the latter is case but you still want access to these ideas, a good starting point would be looking into Charles Poliquin’s books and blogs as this is where a lot of Vince’s “knowledge” has come from. He also tends to read a lot of marketing and self-help books of which there are a zillion, but look into Brian Tracy to begin with and you’ll be off to a good start.

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