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When it comes to getting a superior posterior, we are not just talking about glute movements but hamstrings as well.

I believe the problem for many people who are struggling to build their butt is that they do hamstring movements in a way that is not optimal.

The first thing to realize is that hamstrings are mainly made up of fast twitch muscle fibers and therefore respond best to heavy resistance training.

But that is not to suggest you jump into heavy training with sloppy form. You want to start by focusing on isolating your hamstring in these movements. Here are some tips for lying leg curls to help accomplish this: press your hip into the pad and point your toes. Also try letting go of the handles so your arms don’t do any of the work.

Do this with a fairly light weight and practice feeling the hamstrings work. Progress in weight until you can do 6 heavy reps.

There are several different intensifiers that can be used for lying leg curls, personally I enjoy doing a different one each set. For example, after the first set I’ll do partials at the bottom part of the range. After the second set I’ll do top partials. For the next set I might do drop sets. Then on the next I will do a drop with unilateral negatives for one leg and after the last set do the same thing with the other leg.

Squats are highly important to include if you want a nice backside as well. The deeper you squat the more hamstring muscles they incorporate, so also begin working with lesser weights and focus your progression on the range of motion.

A final way to build a nice rump is to include glute flexing at the end of certain back movements, specifically deadlifts and straight-arm pulldowns.

Good luck on your butt-building efforts, these tips should assist with that!

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