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A few weeks ago I had this crazy idea of how to train chest as seen in this video (2.33 min in):

So like I mentioned in the video, simply by playing around I speculated upon the best way to activate the pectorals… then a friend pointed me to this study: Electromyographical Activity of the Pectoralis Muscle During Incline and Decline Bench Presses from The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

The bottom line of this study being that the decline bench press (especially the negative part of the movement) recruits far more muscle than the incline press.

The two takeaways for me here are firstly to continue using the decline movement and others that utilize this range of motion, and secondly the benefits of consciously considering the desired range of motion and angle when determining movements for ALL body parts!


definition: a “recomp” is considered to be building muscle while shedding fat.

Is it possible, in a word yes. Is it easy? Definitely not. In fact it is not even optimal at times.

Generally when we want to shed fat we cut calories and train for hypertrophy and lactic acid. When looking to add lean muscle we seek a caloric surplus and focus on strength and testosterone training.

So when is a recomp ideal?

Personally I think it can be beneficial:

1. When returning from injury or extended time off

2. When doing a body transformation 

3. Mid-season to keep the body in good condition.

4. As year-round “maintenance”.

Now here is how I approach it…

The goal here is to make the body primed for GH creation, and utilize fat for fuel. Avoid carbohydrates for at least 3 hours prior to training.

For pre-workout, BCAAs with at least 3g Leucine will be a good starting point along with a gram or so of L-carnitine (L-tartrate). If caffeine is wanted I typically prefer green tea-based caffeine.


The most effective training method I’ve found for this is combining strength-training with high volume cell-swelling training… I do this with Polliquin’s 6-12-25 routine. This is designed to build up massive amounts of lactic acid which will help with the GH we want to build muscle and burn fat.

Immediately post workout we want to mimic insulin while GH is soaring. Once again take BCAAs, and this time include R-ALA, creatine and Taurine.

For the post workout shower end it with cold water. This is utilizing a similar concept as contrast baths to help improve recovery and can aid with fat loss.

About an hour or so later is when I take the “recovery” meal which is typically whey isolate mixed with greens.


Personally I find it most effective to be on the low-end of calories for this, with the majority of the calories coming between training and going to bed.

Always keep carbohydrates low early in the day.

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