What is the male equivalent of a feminist?

Posted: August 4, 2018 in Uncategorized
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I’ve asked a few people this question and I’m most cases I’m either attacked or shrugged off. Apparently it’s frowned upon to acknowledge that male identities have come under attack and need to be upheld and protected. And since some asshats might complain that means taking a stance against women – let me assure you that it doesn’t. Quite the opposite. Protecting what it means to be a man also means demanding respect for women – up until the point where they are making men out to be the enemy.

My previous stance on “toxic masculinity” was basically that it doesn’t exist. My position has changed a little bit after reading a fantastic book called “open her” by Karen Brody. Her book talks about how to embrace aspects of your masculinity in order to have the kind of sexual relationship you want with your partner.

However she does make a point of saying that abusing these aspects in order to manipulate women is possible albeit unethical. I think this type of behaviour might be suitable for the classification of “toxic” although I would still suggest that better descriptors would be to call men like this what they are: bullies, assholes, liars, manipulators etc. My point is that masculinity itself is not the issue.

Masculinity is a GOOD thing and for me it includes some of the very things that women both claim to desire and loathe these days – case and point: holding a door open for a lady is being called “benevolent sexism”. Bullshit. You can’t have it both ways, and I choose to accept my role as a man even though it is clearly under fire.

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