Fat vs Skinny controversy

Posted: September 20, 2015 in Fat Burning, fitness, fun
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Most of you know this as a fitness blog so you might come into this article with a pre-conceived idea of where my feelings lie on this subject, but you might actually be surprised…

For some background, here is a link to a story about Nicole Arbour’s imfamous video called “Dear Fat People”.

The gyst of the article is that while she is correct in saying that people are usually fat due to improper diet or sedentary lifestyles, the video does absolutely nothing to inspire change, and worse still labels people due to one aspect of their physicality.

Obviously she’s come under a lot of heat, even by the not so enlightened women of “The View” (an appearance which certainly did Nicole herself no favours – making her seem stupid, naive, pretentious and generally poor at all aspects of comedy). Despite all the uproar, as someone who has gone through the rigors of strict dieting and training I understand that it is human nature to look at people who decide to play video games rather than work out as being “lazy”.

Unfortunately it is not quite that simple because there are psychological aspects to obesity as well, chief among them being low self-esteem and depression. These cause people to sink into a self-loathing “why bother” mentality and videos like Nicole’s only worsen such problems. 

While the women on The View seem to think that weight control is beyond people’s power or caused by outside sources, and not a health concern — the truth of the matter is that people will only ever make the long and difficult changes when they have the desire, the courage and the self-confidence required. Those are the things we should all be striving to share and encourage in others – not only with obese people, but with everyone in our lives who will listen.

(To their credit one of the View ladies made a great point which was that not being fat herself Nicole’s video comes across as being outright nasty, this is why I think formerly obese Ricky Gervais’ similar comments were deemed more acceptable – not because he’s a man as Nicole would have you believe)

Loving ones self sometimes comes at a cost. I have been called a narcissist but I’m okay with that because it means I take responsibility for everything in my life which means that when I’m ready to make change I have the ability.

So the moral of this post is mainly a call to not be so quick to judge, but try to be a little more understanding and supportive. Have a happy day everyone!


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