To be or Not To Be a BeachBody “coach”

Posted: May 17, 2015 in fitness, Program Reviews
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Recently a friend asked me if I was interested in being a coach for Beach Body so I did a little research on the idea and this blog will cover what I came up with.

First and foremost I’ve had a little bit of experience with beachbody in the form of P90x, which remains a decent option for people who don’t want to go to the gym.

Next, when I searched for reviews and experiences of others I turned up mostly BS and fake articles which were basically just marketing sites. I can’t fault beachbody for advertising this way since it seems to be the new marketing trend even if it is a little shady. So this review might just be the only genuine one out there… However I will use the term “review” cautiously as my ultimate was to not do it for reasons I will share.

When I was first presented with the option of being a coach I thought it was due to my physical fitness achievements and education, however it soon became apparent that the term “coach” is not a coach in the traditional sense, but a fancy/gimmicky title for what most companies would call a sales rep.

This quickly rubbed me the wrong way. I understand that BeachBody wants to empower people, but it is a really bad business idea from all perspectives. First of all it lessens the value of the term “coach” and it sets people up to feel duped. I can see how it might work to fool people in the short-term, but it seems like a bad idea for the longevity of the company.

Still interested to know more, I learned the following details out about what it takes to be a “coach” and what the benefits are.

To become a coach you first sign up for one of their challenges that is currently around $40. If you look around online this is not too bad a price tag for a program based on the others that are out there. However I can’t judge the quality of the program having not done it. I will say however that their main programs are significantly more expensive than this so I would be surprised if it is to the level of their others.

After paying this startup cost you then must pay $15/month. This gives you access to 25% off BeachBody products plus your own personal web space which you can direct others to and earn commission on any sales you refer.

Stopping right there I was very tempted by this. I could see how it would be mutually beneficial. I would get access to products and commission by advertising to my friends, plus the small fee might act as motivation. BeachBody would get their $15 from me plus any products I buy and any I refer.

But hold on, there’s one teensy tiny thing that I was then told; you the “coach” are also obligated to buy their flagship supplement Shakeology every single month, which currently sells at $140 (so about $100 after the 25% discount). THIS IS WHERE THEY LOST ME.

First of all I’m not a huge fan of meal replacement shakes, but when I do want powdered food it is very easy for me to go to the supplement shop and get a month supply of whey, greens and fish oil for equal to or less than the cost of shakeology with more flavour options and have it in my pantry that day.

Secondly, if the product is as good as they claim it should sell itself. Now I understand that due to the reasons I listed above they might have a challenge selling their shake to new people, so I suggested to my friend that it would make sense to include shakeology with the startup package and if it is really that good I would WANT to continue to order it rather than being forced to.

Obviously my friend was not in a position to negotiate BeachBody policy, so my suggestion stayed there.

If you are at this point in my blog and are considering joining beachbody  as a coach my recommendation to you is to take a look at both sides of the ledger: what are you putting in vs what you are getting out of it.

There are certain people this would be beneficial for:

  • If you are a shrewd business person and think you can make commissions that would exceed the amount of cash you are putting in ($120/mo give or take).
  • If you simply love shakeology and don’t mind being married to it.
  • If you want to have the title of “coach” that really means nothing to anyone with a shred of knowledge about BeachBody.
  • Personally I don’t fall into any of the above categories. I fall into the category of wanting to stay active and healthy, and hopefully inspire and lead others. That is the Shawn Buffington definition of “coach”.

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