Specforce Alpha honest, non-biased review

Posted: April 3, 2015 in fitness, Program Reviews
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If you’ve come for a REAL review of Todd Lamb’s SpecForce that isn’t one of those BS sponsored links – the ones that only tell you what the program creator wants you to hear… you’ve come to the right place.

As you probably know from my other program reviews, I don’t give good reviews where they are not earned; so let’s get down to it…

The idea of the program is that you are attempting to naturally utilize hormones to your bodybuilding advantage. This is nothing new to anyone who has read into the subject of bodybuilding. The program also heavily incorporates bodyweight exercises, which are also nothing new and appear in such programs as Convict Conditioning or even P-90x

Quite frankly I don’t understand the thought process as the majority of people who want to get big and strong have no problem going to the gym anyway for a number of reasons.

The other thing I find curious about the marketing of this was the whole “Man up and buy the program” model they attempt to use here. I’m not sure if the marketing team is trying to insult our intelligence or belittle us into wanting to buy it, but either way I think they’re taking the military aspect a little bit too far.

So those gripes really just have me scratching my head about who would pick this up in the first place, but if you are here you are probably considering it, so now I’ll go onto the program specifics. 

 The price tag is not too bad at $37 ($50 CAD), and thankfully there aren’t any of those annoying optional “add-ons” so that is a big thumbs up!

While the program is fairly well put together, I honestly don’t see myself using it. The mobile app is perhaps the most useful component (to me at least). As usual in these programs the “bonus” items are pretty much useless.

I’m sure if you were to follow the program to the letter you would have good results, so I can’t fault it in that regard, however I didn’t really care for Todd Lamb as a trainer and don’t find this program to be anything revolutionary.

So despite it’s attempt at slick marketing I can’t recommend the program.


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