How to get motivated

Posted: March 15, 2015 in fitness, fun
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I think we’ve all struggled with this, when life is busy it can be hard to fit everything in and we have to do last-minute prioritization.

A lot of PT’s I’ve worked with can’t seem to empathize with their clients well enough to understand this and become frustrated and ultimately ineffective at their job.

I’ve actually realized something that has helped me a great deal with motivation. The fact is that you can create motivation for yourself extremely quickly. For example, as far as diet and exercise goals: Just look at yourself in the mirror. Is your body where you want it to be? For most of us it isn’t because fitness is an ongoing journey. Within a moment you will be motivated.

So motivation is not the true culprit for falling short of our goals, I believe it is more often “dedication” that holds us back.

This often occurs because either we don’t have a specific plan it path we are going down, or we let the motivation spoken of before go unfulfilled.

So the solution would seem to be to have a plan, and stick to the plan.

Another trick is to implement a portion of this plan immediately upon rising. This is one of the reasons that early morning cardio is so effective. Forget about all the scientific evidence or lack thereof, doing cardio first thing tells your subconscious that your fitness is important and seems to act as a reminder throughout the day not to eat wrong or get too lazy.


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