Painful but effective arm growth trick

Posted: August 13, 2014 in fitness, Muscle Building
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There are a few programs out there to add size to your arms in a shirt span of time. Charles Poliquin wrote one which is a ten hour arm routine if I remember correctly. Rob Regish wrote a similar one and Ben Pakulski has written a three-week arm specialization program, all of which I have tried.

To date the most effective and long term arm programs I’ve done have included an intelligently designed training split that stimulates the arms a couple times per week by hitting them directly and indirectly (such as those included in the Amazing Arms chapter of Superhero Physique).

That said, I have experimented with a method that has created an unparalleled arm swelling in a fraction of the time of the other routines.

First let’s look at what creates muscle growth (from a training perspective):

  • Muscle fiber damage
  • Optimal time under continual tension
  • Cell swelling
  • Hormonal cascade
  • All of these can be accomplished within one workout. Let’s say that we are training biceps and chest together. After doing the primary movements we will finish the day with this little killer movement that will do all of those things at once. It is a combination of elements I’ve picked up from the people spoken of before as well as a couple others.

    I should probably give this a special name because it is bound to be re-used by others. Since 16 appears in it a lot I’ll call them 16s.

    This is how you perform it for biceps:

    Do an occluded incline dumbbell curl With about half the weight you would normally do 8 reps with and instead do 16 reps and really focus on a controlled negative. At the end of the set keep the arms flexed but stretch them out for a good 16 seconds. Immediately drop the weight by about 25%, do 8 reps followed by another 16 second flexed stretch. Do one more 25% drop for 8 reps and the 16 second flexed stretch then immediately bang out one last rep with the same weight. Once this is done take off the occlusion bands.

    Here is a video example:

    This will give a GH blast as well as pump up your arms massively. By controlling the negative and maintaining tension you are also creating muscle damage that results in longer term growth.

    Give this puppy a try!

    The Best Arm workout going
    How I added an inch to my arms… in a caloric deficit! (with 8 tips for arm growth)
    Bi-sets for Biceps
    The Perfect Rep
    Occlusion Training: My newest muscle growth weapon

    SuperHero Physique
    superhero_physique by Shawn Buffington


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