Mastering the basics of technique to achieve physical greatness

Posted: August 2, 2014 in Fat Burning, fitness, fun, Muscle Building
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Sometimes inspiration comes from unexpected sources…

This week I spent a lot of time playing guitar and was struggling to play certain songs. I did some research to learn the songs and I stumbled onto some videos that taught me that even after having played guitar for twenty years I was doing very basic things in a way that was not optimal ie. holding the guitar pick poorly.

Re-learning things that were breaking poor habits was not easy. In fact I had to play even slower than I had before. Yet when I re-learned the basics properly I was then able to fall back on my experience to achieve my best results ever.

I believe in fitness the same principles apply.

Dedicating ourselves to mastering the basic principles is a step that is easily overlooked, especially in the flashy, heavily marked world that is today’s fitness industry.

I highly recommend anyone research and learn to master these basics, here’s a brief overview on some of those things to get you started…

Exercise execution:

Exercise is all about stimulating the body’s muscle-building mechanisms. It stands to reason that some methods are more effective than others at doing this. It all begins with FORM!

The amount of weight and number of reps don’t matter if your movement pattern is not optimized. There are too many specifics to get into within this post to get into but here are some good tips:

  • Begin each movement by contracting the working muscle
  • Strive to maintain the contraction through the entire movement
  • Work in as great a range of motion as possible (and safe)
  • “lock down” your body, so you begin with optimal position and posture and do not stray from that ie. do not use momentum to move weights
  • Attempt to utilize every possible function and range of the muscles
  • Do not end a set early. Learn the difference between mental and physical fatigue.
  • Also, here are a few articles you can start with:
    Isolating compound movements
    Arms II
    Back II
    Legs (overall)

    Nutritional basics:

    This can also be pretty expansive, Nd includes such things as determining your caloric needs, keeping hydrated, frequency of meals, macronutrient functions and requirements etc.

    The thing with diet is that it is a little bit harder to nail down than exercise because it is very individual. Everyone’s caloric needs will vary as well as such things as food intolerance.

    I’ve found I don’t handle carbs very well so I have to find creative ways of getting enough calories to build muscle while keeping carbs on the low side and timing them strategically.

    Here are a couple of diet related articles you can look at:
    Eating like a bodybuilder
    The perfect pre-workout shake
    Muscle juice
    Between-meals shake
    Eating disorders in bodybuilding

    The challenge of mastering the basics is often that we are our own worst enemy. We skip over things with the assumption that we already know what we need to do and this miss out on small intricacies that will make long-term results far superior.


    SuperHero Physique
    superhero_physique by Shawn Buffington

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