Fighting Fat the Hormonal Way

Posted: July 1, 2014 in Fat Burning, fitness
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There comes a point when simply being in a caloric deficit is no longer enough to burn fat, and for me that seems to happen earlier and earlier with each cutting phase I undertake.

The best tools we have to help burn fat is our hormones. I look at it in 3 ways:

1. Supporting fat-burning hormones

2. Limiting “bad” hormones

3. Reducing “bad” hormones

1. Supporting fat-burning hormones

Testosterone & Growth hormone are the keys here. ZMA and Melatonin pre-bed will assist with these. Carbohydrates can inhibit GH so avoid carbs pre-workout and even consider a carb-cycling diet to help burn extra fat.

Take vitamin D3 with fish oil throughout the day to help support testosterone.

Training programs that are both high intensity AND high volume will help both of these.

2. Limiting “bad” hormones

Environmental estrogens generally come from chemicals, so opting for organic foods and natural soaps can help avoid unwanted toxins.

Drinking lots of water will help burn fat in multiple ways including organ function and flushing toxins.

3. Reducing “bad” hormones
The primary culprits here are cortisol and estrogen.

Cortisol is a “stress” hormone, so reducing stress is the ultimate goal, but that can be a challenge. Weight training is deliberately creating physical stress, so immediately post workout make sure to include such cortisol-reducing supplements as vitamin C and Magnesium.

Estrogen can be controlled by upping your green vegetable intake, and/or using a greens supplement. DIM and calcium D-glucarate may help decrease estrogens as well.

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