MI40-x week 1 log

Posted: June 22, 2014 in fitness, MI40x, Program Reviews
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Week 1 of the MI40-x training protocol is done. I’m doing the “graduate” program, which is what I think most people will start with.

Starting point. Okay, I started this program out a little bit fatter than I want to be due to having been doing gaining programs throughout the “off-season”. It is now summer so I’m actually going to be using a slight caloric deficit for this program. If it is as good as advertised I should be able to put on mass as well as trimming some fat.

First impressions: ouch!

To be honest I was very skeptical at first. I have previously done John Meadows’ Mountain Dog training which includes some weighted stretching but this takes it to a whole new level creating a massive pump. Does that translate to lasting muscle mass? Obviously it is too early to tell.

Day 1 commentary:

Training my chest, biceps and front delts made for a pretty long workout. It didn’t include any of the “new” techniques, probably to ease you into the program, but it was still a touch workout to get through. I stuck in a set of the NOSx chest press at the end just to try it out and it was pretty painful.

I did the optional 10-minute calf routine as well.

Day 2 commentary:
Today was back, rear delts and triceps. Again no “extreme” movements but still a lot of volume.

Day 3 Commentary:
Legs… oh boy. Ben is the king of wheels these days and he knows how to make your legs hurt. Today’s workout is tough from the very first movement. I took lots of BCAAs and electrolytes during the workout and thank goodness for that.

Actually my calves are still throbbing from when I did the calf routine on day 1, which made this an extra tough routine to get through.

Day 4 commentary:
Yesterday was an off day, so today was the second chest & biceps day of this week. It was challenging but in a different way from the fisrt chest/biceps workout of the week in that it started off with NOSx early in the routine and had some extremely slow eccentrics. But I did look massively pumped after.

Day 5 & 6 commentary: These will have to be carried over into week 2 since I was only able to do 4 workouts this week.

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