3 advanced muscle building techniques

Posted: May 22, 2014 in fitness, Muscle Building
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In my most recent training cycle I’ve added in three little things to increase the intensity of my training. They aren’t things that I believe can be done with results indefinitely, but certainly add a new dimension to my sessions.

Technique 1. weighted stretching

This is typically done as a superset with a compound movement. For example you would do bench press then superset it with weighted dumbbell chest stretches.

Technique 2. pre workout flex

Much like I mentioned in my blog about exercise sequence this is about getting a massive pump before lifting any weights. I like to strive to hold a flexed position for about ten seconds.

Technique 3. unilateral negatives

At he end of the workout I like doing a few of these. Do the concentric with two limbs, then the negative with only 1 for a few reps then switch sides.

If your workout is getting stale then perhaps one or more of these can be helpful to you.

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