Amazing Spider-Man 2 review

Posted: May 4, 2014 in fun
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As you know my two loves outside of my children are superheroes and bodybuilding. Today I’m going to focus on the former with a review of the newly released Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The story begins a little while after the first film, and apparently Peter and Gwen have gotten back together and Spidey has re-designed his suit. Personally I was hoping for some kind of explanation as to why the suit change within the film (the way they did in The Dark Knight), but instead they left it unspoken.

The relationship between Peter and Gwen is eerily similar to that of Peter and Mary-Jane in Spider-Man 2, which was exactly what I feared when the first “Amazing” movie ended. The main difference is that instead of John Jameson posing a threat to them ever getting together, the threat was Gwen getting a scholarship to Oxford and moving to England.

Electro emerges as the baddie early on and is extremely cool however the whole storyline of Max Dillon being both a sad recluse and in love with Spider-Man felt a little bit silly, and made me feel like I was in a children’s movie (The Rhino character was also such a dufus that I felt this way when he was on screen too).

Harry Osborne enters the picture as his father passes away and he takes the mantel of Oscorp. I was not really familiar with Dane DeHaan before, but he was quite good in this role. He looked like an evil version of Leonardo DiCaprio. The entire time you were never quite sure if he was going to hug Peter or attack him, which made his performance quite perfect. My only gripe with him is that after building up such a cool character portrait through the film, in the last few scenes he is quickly transformed into the Green Goblin and turns into a very cliché villain who we only get to see for one brief (albeit important) battle.

The emotional through-line of the film is done very well, and had my eyes wet at points. Not to spoil anything, but in stark contrast to some of the film’s silly and immature moments, the emotional story of this film got really heavy to the point where I felt that it was almost not appropriate for kids. So that contrast is probably the movie’s greatest problem.

So all of that said, I walked out of the theatre thinking that this very well may be the best Spider-Man movie released to date.

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