How to use Heavy Partial Reps to Build Muscle

Posted: April 11, 2014 in fitness, Muscle Building
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By now you surely know I am an advocate of lifting with proper form for a full range of motion to build muscle.

You also know I’m a fan of using intensifiers to push yourself even farther – one of those being partial reps at the end of a set.

I’ve tried things like Pete Cisco’s programs where the entire routine is based on heavy weights for a small range of motion and found hat to be ineffective.

I have recently found a different way to use heavy partials that seems to be a lot more effective for both size and strength.

The idea is this: take a weight you would normally use for 8-10 reps and add about 20%. Perform 8 reps. The first 2-3 reps should be the full range of motion. As you go on through the set the range will become smaller, but still maintain the tension. Do this for 2-3 sets of an exercise fairly early (2nd or 3rd) in your routine.

The next week attempt to use a full range of motion for more reps than you did before using the same weight.

This can only safely and effectively be done using isolation movements…

  • For shoulders it might be dumbbell laterals
  • For chest machine or cable flyes
  • For back wide-grip pulldowns
  • For legs leg curls
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