Exercise Sequence

Posted: April 8, 2014 in fitness, Muscle Building
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My overarching goal of 2014 is to put on more muscle mass than I ever have in one single calendar year. One of my strategies includes dietary plans I’ll be writing about in the next few days. The other is manipulating a training variable most people seem to ignore: exercise sequence.

Traditionally my practice was to start with a movement that stimulates the CNS so that the brain is fully engaged and therefore improves the entire workout. But the goal is not to train the CNS ultimately but muscles, so what if we flip this concept on its head by first doing isolation movements and then incorporating compound movements AFTER the working muscle has been somewhat stimulated?

The first thing I noticed when doing this is that the compound movements are done with lighter weights, but this may actually be a good thing since we’ll get the equivalent training effect without as much joint strain.

The other thing I noticed was that the metal burnout following a workout seems to be much greater which leads me to believe that actually the overall toll on the body was greater.

So if you find your workouts aren’t as effective as thy once were and you want to shake things up, try starting training days with the following:
Chest day: dumbbell flyes with external rotation*
Back day: 1-arm dumbbell rows
Leg day: leg curls

*if you follow my blog you’ll know I have a high respect for Ben Pakulski. He will often suggest doing dumbbell chest movements with INTERNAL rotation as internally rotating the arm is one of the functions of the chest. However if you externally rotate on the concentric then by default you will be internally rotating on the eccentric which is longer in duration!

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