Mass Factors

Posted: March 15, 2014 in fitness, Muscle Building
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It’s Saturday, and I feel like keeping it light so today I’m going to cover the “Mass Factors”, basically things needed to do if you want to have any hope in building muscle.

Factor 1: Eat right

Recently I’ve realized that most people don’t know how to eat, and due to crap like Dr. Oz a lot of people are mislead on many things. Trying to build muscle is HARD so eating had to be perfect or you will most likely get fat.

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Factor 2: Train smart

How you train is crucial to whether you make gains or not. You need to consider your goals (ie strength or hypertrophy), joint health, etc while always striving to make progress in one aspect of your training (this is why logging your workouts is so important for making gains).

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Factor 3: mindset

The importance of this really hit me this past year and by no coincidence I also made my best gains while utilizing mindset tools such as visualization and positive affirmations.

I firmly believe that mental barriers is the biggest thing holding people back from reaching their potential.

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