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Posted: March 13, 2014 in fitness, fun, Muscle Building
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Ok, I’ll cut right to it, if you are reading this blog it’s because you want to try out a chest routine that will hurt. I did the following routine a few days ago and I’m still feeling it:

A1. Incline Dumbbell bench press
A2. Incline dumbbell row

Do 1 superset if the above for 8-10 reps then after 45 seconds rest move to:

B1. slight incline Dumbbell bench press
B2. 1-arm dumbbell row

Again after 1 set of 8-10 reps and 45 sec rest move to:

C1. flat dumbbell bench press
C2. 1-arm db row


D1. decline dumbbell bench press
D2. 1-arm db row

Once complete these sets add 5-10 lbs and do the 4 supersets in REVERSE ORDER striving to do the same number of reps.

You will then have completed 8 awesome sets. Finish off with a superset of:

E1. Push-ups -squeeze inward on the negative (to failure)
E2. Push-ups -push outward on negative (to failure)

The beauty is we will not need a ton of equipment, just a bench and dumbbells.

In my book Superhero Physique I’ve got a chest-specific program you also may want to try called Powerful Pecs that uses pretty much every (effective) chest trick in the book.

Go forth and destroy your pecs!!!

Building a Man of Steel Chest with “SUPER DROPS”

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