Vince Del Monte attacks P90x

Posted: March 10, 2014 in fitness, Program Reviews, Vince Del Monte
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I just got an interesting bulk sales email from Vince Del Monte. Actually I don’t know how this happened because I asked to be taken off his spam email list long ago and he decided to put me back in for some reason which is probably A violation of spam laws. It was titled: Please do NOT purchase P90X or Insanity.

It’s obviously not any surprise that this schmuck went on to suggest that his own home workout programs are superior to these ones (don’t worry they are NOT).

First I ought to mention p90x because I doubt Vince had ever actually seen it based on the content of the email. I actually did the program entirely for 90 days a few years ago. It has a lot going for it. The trainer (Tony Horton) is charismatic and fun. The training is long and metabolic. It is probably the best home workout program going. That being said I find training with weights superior, but if that is not an option this program definitely had merit.

Yet Vince has decided to insult the program creators in an attempt to market more of his own garbage. When will this guy learn?

What REALLY caught my eye was the bottom of the email. It is the obligatory part of the email where he provides company info. He starts out with: Vince Del Monte Fitness Services LLC… Well I know for a fact that His company Vince Del Monte Fitness was never incorporated. So what did this little weasel do? He stuck the word “services” onto his business name – likely to avoid all of the legal suits he has against him.

Also the address provided at the bottom is different from the one he previously had listed with the BBB. It appears to be a phony address he can easily change if and when he gets into more legal binds.

If any of you got this email I’m sure you shook your head as well, if any of your friends are considering his programs please remind them how he had duped me!

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