Exercise Finishers

Posted: February 24, 2014 in fitness, Muscle Building
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The idea with “Finishers” is a pretty cool concept that can be used at the end of a training session or even at the end of a week.

The idea is to completely exhaust a muscle to the point where it is virtually forced into adapting via growth.

To use the matte end of a training session you can either choose to exhaust the primary muscle trained or a secondary one (generally a small muscle). For example, at the end of chest day you can either exhaust the chest using higher reps for something like cable cross-overs, or you could opt to train triceps or shoulders.

The way to use finishers at the end of the week is to have what I sometimes call a “demolition” day. This usually means an overall day either upper body or lower body. Even if the majority of your training is heavy, this day will be around the 12 rep range and will often be a few giant sets.

The main purpose for finishers is to get a hormonal blast to help encourage muscle growth, specifically growth hormone so you will be striving for a burn!

For this reason I will often use one of the following techniques: occlusion training; quad sets; super drops

Another way to get this GH blast is by doing 100% intensity HIIT at the beginning or end of your training.

Give some of these ideas a try to get even more out of your workouts!

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