Bi-sets for Biceps

Posted: February 21, 2014 in fitness, Muscle Building
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Supersets are quite common in bodybuilding, and often use antagonistic pairings such as biceps and triceps. Recently, specifically for biceps I have a preferred method of using supersets that I call bi-sets. Here are the key performance points:

  • Pick 2 exercises in different parts of the range, ie Incline db curls and Preacher curls
  • Reverse the order you perform these exercises each set
  • For the first exercise go relatively heavy (6 reps); for the second exercise use a moderate weight (8 reps)
  • When reversing order you will need to change the weights so the first set is always heavy and second is always moderate
  • the second weight will need to be a little lighter, probably about what you would normally use for 10-12 reps on its own – this is because you will be pre-fatigued by the first exercise.
  • By doing this you are accomplishing a number of cool things: You are training all of the muscle fibres in all of the ranges of motion as well as creating fatigue (typical of supersets) which will help with your overall body composition.

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