Why Mindset is so Important to Acheiving Fitness Goals

Posted: February 17, 2014 in fitness
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Have you ever seen a video of an elite-level bodybuilder and his spotter/training partner is shouting something like “light weight!”?

What they are doing is sending a message to the athlete that they CAN do it. This affirmation plants into their mind that they are able to break through previous records and accomplish something they never have before.

It is hard to imagine our own mindset getting in the way of our progress, but once we load up the weights it becomes an all-too-real occurence. It happens when we tell ourselves that we can’t lift such and such weight for however many reps, or sometimes while in the process of lifting weights our mind begins to falter and we finish with crappy form or a rep or two short of failure. Either way, when we do this we are defeating the very purpose we step foot into the gym.

So how do we avoid this? I’ve found a couple of ways.

The first is ongoing affirmations to yourself that you CAN reach new goals. This trains your mind to work with you in the moments before lifting weights.

The seconds way is through visualization exercises. It begins while you visualize your ideal self, perhaps before going to sleep or even better first thing in the morning. The more you create and study this image in detail the more powerful it becomes. Then right before attempting a new personal record, bring this image to mind focussing specifically on the body part you are about to work. This one has worked wonders for me!

The bottom line is that making progress comes down to HARD WORK, and as humans we tend to shy away from that either consciously or subconsciously, so we must make efforts to mentally exert ourselves so our body will follow!

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