Post Workout Cardio: Good or Bad?

Posted: February 17, 2014 in Fat Burning, fitness
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Let’s cut to the chase here; should we be doing cardio after weight training?

Well, here are the factors I think we should consider:

  • cardio training is generally intended to raise your heart rate and burn fat, so if fat burning is your primary goal then doing some cardio after weights would seem logical.
  • But what is the goal of weight training? To build muscle!

    So the question really becomes: Does cardio improve your ability to build muscle?

    Having a healthy cardiovascular system will certainly aid you, but is it really wise to deplete more energy after weight training than to rest and recuperate? I suggest it is not.

    Instead I prefer to separate cardio from weight training by several hours or even do it on off days rather than before or after resistance training. But like most rules, there is an exception:

    HIIT training on leg day (done on an upright stationary bike) can be a really effective way to help reduce cramping as well as boosting GH, which can become extremely powerful especially if you are using insulin-spiking carbs post workout.

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