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Posted: February 16, 2014 in fitness, Muscle Building
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muscle juice…

Normally when we think of utilizing liquid nutrients to build muscle a few usual suspects cone to mind such as using protein to add the required amino acids, fats to support testosterone or even carbohydrates to create insulin spikes. A lesser known one that I’ve spoken of before is a greens drink with lemon juice to help alkalization and fibre consumption. But today I’m going to look at another little known liquid.

The way this one will help you is through a number of mechanisms…

  • it will help flush toxins from your body that can cause disease and illness, thus improving your body’s ability to recover from training
  • it helps joint health which is vitally important when lifting heavy weights
  • it helps reduce exercise induced muscle soreness
  • Hopefully I’ve sold you on it based on its ability to help with exercise recovery but if that isn’t enough, here are additional benefits:

  • can help lower bad cholesterol
  • can decrease inflammation
  • can help improve sleep
  • may reduce cortisol
  • The drink (drum roll): tart cherry juice

    This juice can be a little tricky to find and somewhat pricey, but it’s benefits are many and is now part of my post workout drink!

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