5 tips to set yourself apart from the dicks and meatheads in the gym

Posted: February 15, 2014 in fitness, fun
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The gym is full of fools of every variety, so here are some ideas to use (hopefully you do already) to help set you apart from said fools…

1. Use proper form and full range of motion.

Just knowing what you’re doing goes a long way even if you are not physically where you’d like to be (and none of us are).

2. Have humility.

A big part of this is knowing when to listen to others. The sad paradox is that most people who offer unsolicited advice in the gym should usually be ignored. Another component of this is not lifting too heavy just to look cool, and get a spotter when needed.

3. go to work not to socialize / flirt

Not only does being overly chatty look bad on you, it can distract others from their own training, so generally speaking I don’t encourage initiating conversations that extend beyond “hey whatup?” Or “can you spot me?”

4. Utilize gym etiquette

Putting your weights away properly, being sanitary and courteous all reflect positively on you. Guys who have the best physiques usually go around with an attitude of being respectful of others.

5. Unplug your music

I’ve spoken about Music while training previously, and the more I take notice, the more I see that the best looking people in the gym don’t have a an MP3 player plugged into their head. Personally I find workouts are more successful sans music for two reasons: it keeps my concentration focused on the weights and it teaches me that this is not fun time but work time. The only exception to this is that using self-help audiobooks can sometimes be a good thing.

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