How to get the most out of your training and diet

Posted: February 12, 2014 in Fat Burning, fitness, Muscle Building
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It is a little sad to see all the people who go to the gym day-in and day-out but never improve their physique. In some cases, just by looking at them, you would be shocked to learn that they exercise at all.

I actually respect these people a lot because it shows they have determination, just perhaps aren’t executing their diet or training efficiently — likely due to lack of knowing what to do.

If you or someone you know falls into this category, here are some of the things I’ve found can help make our efforts more productive:

Try to get the most out of these three areas: mental programming, diet and training.

Mental Programming

You will be amazed by the power of your subconscious mind if you allow it to work for you. It has been proven throughout history that your outcome will be largely dependent on your subconscious limitations. So we must actively set goals and affirm to ourselves that we can accomplish those goals. Brian Tracey (among others) has some great techniques for this, also be sure to check out these articles: The Key to Success and Putting the “Progress” into Progressive Overload


When you have a physical goal, you diet must support that goal. This is basically a 24/7 challenge which is why it is one of the areas that holds people back the most. If this is you, the best advice I can give is to log everything you eat troughs the day, then use this logging to adjust your diet to match your goals. I’ve seen nearly miraculous results from this in myself and my clients. I’ve made a book full of diet and training logging that ha become a staple for many people, which I’m selling at cost to my readers: Buffer’s complete diet and training log

Keep following my blog for ongoing dietary tips. Here are some good articles to take a look at: Eating like a bodybuilder and 5 factors of FAT LOSS


A lot of people’s training is a huge mess whether it is their training split, lifting too heavy or too light or simply using crappy and ineffective form or movements.

First and foremost for effective weight training is to do the lifts properly in terms of form and range of motion; to help with this I will post videos in the coning weeks.

Exercise selection is the next step because you want to ensure the movements you are doing will stimulate the muscles effectively. The “big three” (bench press, squats and deadlifts) are a good starting point, as well as some complimenting isolation movements.

Once you are doing movements properly you want to ensure you are lifting appropriate weights. Every working set should be done to the pout of failure meaning that you cannot complete another single rep with proper form. For hypertrophy (muscle growth) you generally want to reach failure around 8-12 PERFECT REPS. ** link

The next thing to consider is your training split. The first step in creating your split is to determine how frequently you will train. In general the heavier you lift the more recuperation time you need. Here are a couple splits that you can consider:

Two-day split:
Day 1: upper body
Day 2: lower body

Three-day split:
Day 1: upper body push (chest, shoulders, triceps)
Day 2: legs
Day 3: upper body pull (back, biceps)

Four-day split:
Day 1: chest & biceps
Day 2: quads & calves
Day 3: shoulders & triceps
Day 4: back & hamstrings

Five-day split:
Day 1: chest
Day 2: legs
Day3: back
Day 4: shoulders
Day 5: arms

These are just a few examples you can use, and the more practice you get the more creative you can be with the combinations to adjust them to your needs.

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