How to increase Range Of Motion

Posted: February 7, 2014 in fitness, Muscle Building
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When we begin to think of the actual function of muscles, training them within their entire range of motion becomes the natural way to strengthen each muscle as effectively as possible.

Here are a couple of ideas to help you train in a greater range of motion:

  • Use different exercises with a slightly different range or angle eg. Do straight-arm pulldowns to train the bottom part of the range for lats and lying overhead dumbbell extensions to train the upper portion of the range.
  • Use 25lb plates instead of 45lb plates. This little trick can help you get a greater range of motion for such exercises as deadlifts and t-bar rows to increase how far you can move the bar.
  • Note: Avoid using momentum to move a bar up. Not only does this risk injury but also causes you to limit the very muscles you should be trying to strengthen.

  • Lock it down! This just takes the last one a step further. Start the movement in the proper position with a strong posture. Contract the working muscle before doing the first rep and strive to maintain that construction for the entire set.
  • Increase Flexibility. incorporating some stretching into your regime is a great way to increase your ability to move the weights in a greater range of motion and thus create a greater systemic effect.
  • Give some of these a try and your gains will begin increasing above what they already are!

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