best mass supplements you’re (probably) not using

Posted: February 4, 2014 in fitness, Muscle Building
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When trying to get big a lot of people hit the supplement store looking at pre-workout and “test-boosting” crap. Here are some ideas to get what you really need out of supplementation for size!

  • taurine
  • Why to use: there is a highly anabolic effect when you have both GH an insulin in your body at the same time; unfortunately these two generally cancel each otter out. Taurine mimics insulin’s effect allowing GH to be present and without the need for sugar.

    How to use: pre and post workout

  • leucine
  • Why to use: similar to taurine, leucine can mimic insulin’s anabolic effects without the need for sugars and may have a positive effect on GH at the same time

    How to use: pre and post workout; throughout day while cutting

  • joint supps
  • Why to use: when adding muscle mad your weights will probably be heavier which will strain your joints.

    How to use: post workout; with daily vitamins.

  • probiotics
  • Why to use: if you are eating more food your body will need to digest all of that so to help it be more efficient probiotics (and glutamine) can help with that.

    How to use: once or twice daily

  • greens
  • Why to use: if your vegetable pallet is as limited as mine it can get hard to get enough fibre into your diet. Greens also alkalize your body which helps keep it functioning properly.

    How to use: anytime except immediately pre-workout

  • electrolytes
  • Why to use: muscle tissue, skin and hormone-secreting organs all consist of water which is partly why hydration is vital to physique enhancement. Electrolytes play a big role in hydration and they are not able to be synthesized by the body making them important to add into the diet.

    How to use: intra-workout and post-workout are the most effective times.

  • Fish oil
  • Why to use: This can be highly beneficial as well for joint health as well as helping your body to utilize fat soluble vitamins and thus have a positive effect on testosterone.

    How to use: They can be used throughout the day. IF you do use sugars post workout I would certainly avoid it then.

  • Vitamin C
  • Why to use: It can not only assist with overall health, but lower cortisol.

    How to use: I take it twice per day, in the morning and post workout.

  • Magnesium
  • Why to use: It can also lower cortisol and improve health.

    How to use: Avoid the “oxide” version of this as much as possible. I usually take it in the morning, post workout and before bed (ZMA).

    If these are not part of your arsenal, I’d highly suggest considering these along before jumping onto hyped-up stuff.

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