The Perfect Rep

Posted: January 27, 2014 in fitness, Muscle Building
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The perfect rep for building muscle always includes a slower negative (eccentric) than positive (concentric). Why?

Reason #1: you are stronger in the eccentric portion, so growth requires greater time under tension.

Reason #2: muscle growth is about creating tension that the body sees as a threat to its survival. That can only be created when you control the weights and you do not allow them to control you.

This principal is about making use of TEMPO. The ideal tempo being about 3010 to 4010 (3-4 sec negative, 0 at bottom, 1 sec positive, 0 sec at top) most of the time for hypertrophy. 4 seconds is a lot but is a good goal to strive for.

Tempo translates into Time Under Tension, and this greatly determines the kind of adaptation the body makes. Typically a set should be no less than 30 seconds of CONSTANT tension and not exceed 70 seconds (when hypertrophy is the goal). If using a 4 second negative that means 8-12 reps. Personally I like going a little heavier and rarely go above 10 reps web training for hypertrophy.

Another important thing to consider is the lockout. For 90% of moves I suggest NOT liking out your joints at the top of the range. Going just short of the point of locking out maintains tension on the muscle.

As a quick aside, It’s mainly back movements were I find locking out can be useful in conjunction with adding a pelvic thrust to incorporate glutes.

As mentioned above the goal is constant tension in the muscle which means using perfect form and maintaining tension. Doug this will mean keeping your mind strictly focused the entire time. It also means using as great a range of motion as you can while maintaining tension. It becomes vitally important to start the movement correctly by flexing the muscle before doing the first rep.

Summary: to do the perfect hypertrophy rep maintain tension with perfect form in the full range of motion using a slow, controlled negative and pick a weight that you hit failure between 8-12 reps.

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