Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle – non-biased book review

Posted: January 12, 2014 in Fat Burning, fitness, fun, Program Reviews
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Back in 2005 (before I was even in the bodybuilding game) Tom Venuto wrote an ebook called Burn the fat, Feed the Muscle. It was the first online fitness ebook to reach massive sales, and spawned an industry. For good reason too. It shared with the world the techniques that elite fitness models and bodybuilders use to get super lean. Now he has published an updated hardcover version of the book and the question is, does it stand up to the original?

First a brief overview of the book…

The book begins by introducing the basic principles that will be utilized and then goes on to discuss various body types and how to adjust your plan of attack based on your individual circumstances. Actually when I first read the ebook the ability to customize his program is one thing that really stuck out at me, and the same remains the case for the new book.

Part 2 is the “LEAN” plan of action. This section opens by teaching you how to measure your body fat, as well as determining what your body composition should be and then it covers how to track your progress. Next the “LEAN” plan comes into play where several strategies are covered, including mental programing, nutrition — which is an extremely in-depth section that spans several chapters, cardio and weight training.

The next leg of the book is about taking fat loss to the next level, when you’ve hit a plateau or have stalled and need to take more extreme measures to get super ripped.

Finally there are some charts to help you along the way.

To me there is no question about the book’s value, it just has to be asked if it is an improvement on the original e-book?

To be fair I think either one would serve you equally well. Hopefully however, this book brings Tom wide-spread recognition and possibly brings his methods to those who are not as aware of him. I do believe that this book (or the original) will be considered a “must read” for all fitness enthusiasts in time.

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