Insulin: why it may be the key to the body you desire

Posted: January 1, 2014 in Fat Burning, fitness, Muscle Building
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Insulin is highly anabolic, perhaps the most anabolic of all hormones, but it can either help or hinder us if not properly managed.

Weight Training on its own may not necessarily lead to muscle growth, but when insulin is present after the muscles have been sufficiently stressed the body goes straight to work on the repairing process that creates muscle growth. That’s the good side of insulin.

On the flip side, insulin also shuts off the body’s fat burning mechanisms, and even actively stores excess energy as fat tissue.

So the simple solution would seem to be: spike insulin when trying to grow and keep it low while trying to burn fat

But there are some ways to build upon this theory that can make your progress far more efficient.

The first way is by trying to mimic insulin so that the body will turn on its growth mechanisms without requiring a glut of sugars in your system. Taurine, leucine and R-ALA have been shown to do this. I will sometimes use all 3 post workout.

When cutting fat the ideal solution is to have stabilized blood sugar all day long, which means keeping your carb sources complex or fibrous. This can be taken a step further as well… By eating only protein and healthy fat as your first meal of the day your body will use carbs more effectively the remainder of the day.

Keeping these things in mind when designing your diet program will go a long way!

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