Mass Method Part 2: Eating like a bodybuilder

Posted: December 6, 2013 in fitness
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As you’ll remember from 3 keys to massive muscles, there are 4 areas of focus when it comes to the Mass Method:

  1. Progressive overload Training
  2. Eating like a bodybuilder
  3. Hormonal Enhancement
  4. And the Bonus item is Persistence & mental programming

Today we will talk about eating to gain muscle.

In my opinion this is the biggest area that holds people back from accomplishing their goals. That can be said both of those who wish to lose fat and those who wish to gain muscle.

Eating to gain size can be a daunting task and can feel like it’s taking over your life, the more rigid you are with your diet the more true this is, yet the more effective it tends to be.

So first let’s ask: Why is it necessary to eat a lot of food when trying to add muscle?

With a little bit of consideration the answer becomes quickly apparent: In order to build muscle your body must have enough resources to perform its daily tasks AS WELL AS building muscle.

Those nutrients the body need come in a few forms; firstly: Protein. Protein is the building blocks of muscle and needs to be added into the diet at regular intervals.

Essential Fats: dietary fat is responsible for healthy hormonal function and delivery of fat-soluble vitamins. Fortunately for us in this case it is also high in calories.

Minerals: Certain minerals (calcium, magnesium, zinc, iodine, sodium, copper, chromium, iron, sulphur, manganese, potassium and phosphorus) are required for bodily functions but cannot be synthesized by your body. Best bet to get these with a multivitamin.

Fiber: If you are eating a lot of protein you will require a lot of fiber as well to help with digestion. Having vegetables with all your meals should take care of this.

So step one is to make sure you are getting a moderate caloric surplus and step two is to ensure you are getting adequate amounts of the previously listed items. This is best accomplished by making yourself a daily meal plan.

While you’re making this, if you are to build it solely around fats and protein you will quickly find that not only is it difficult to hit your required calories, it is also going to wreak havoc on your digestive system. This is where carbohydrates come in.

Personally I try to stick to complex carbohydrates at two times during the day: After training and before bed. That is when they are utilized most efficiently and when my body needs them most.

I’ve kind of gone through this quickly but I want to tell you right now that eating junk food is NOT a good way to gain muscle. I hate the work “Bulk”. My first attempt to “bulk” was a 12 week diet that I was given by Vince Del Monte. I went from this:
Trying to get your required calories in by eating a bunch of junk will actually become counter productive. You will not only wind up getting fat and having to shed that fat, but your body will be using its resources and enzymes to digest and excrete that junk rather than building muscle.

So what I’ve just laid out is essentially the basics of eating, but there are two often overlooked things that can help take your dietary plan to the next level:

  • Alkalinity
  • Utilization of nutrients
  • Keeping your body alkaline is a tool that todays best bodybuilders use simply by having lemon water each morning and including lots of greens in their diet. By doing this not only have I managed to improve my muscle-building abilities and overall health, I also cured myself of acid reflux (for which my doctor had put me on Nexium).

    By adding probiotics, digestive enzymes and glutamine to your supplement regimen you will improve your gut health and your ability to make the most effective use of your foods possible. My theory is that getting the most out of what you eat is even more important than getting mass quantities of food.

    That concludes this post. Coming up soon I’ll discus factor 3: Hormonal enhancement.

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